Kobo Touch Does Tetris

The Kobo Touch hacking community might be smaller than that of the Nook Touch, but every so often they do some amazing things.

The following video was sent to me this morning. It shows a Python based Tetris clone running on a hacked Kobo Touch. It’s the latest project of Kevin Short, and he’s also gotten a Pong clone from Pygames running on the Kobo Touch as well.

The Pygames port might actually be the more interesting news here. That is a bundle of games, not just one. Thanks, Kevin!

Nate Hoffelder

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  1. Mike Cane20 March, 2012

    Too bad they won’t do an Android-based eInk reader — with a good CPU. I really prefer the Kobo design over Nook Touch. And if they did it as a tablet — with Kobo as an *app* — they’d steal all those Nook Touch sales to rooters. Imagine not having to root!

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  3. Mikhail30 January, 2013

    Hey I have a question. (not sure if this is right
    Place to ask tho)
    How do I root my kobo touch?
    I haven’t found anything on it on a how to

    P.S if there’s a video on it please let me know I work better with someone showing me

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