Introducing The World’s Smallest Ultrabook: Sony VAIO Q

Do you want to know how I can tell that 1 April Jokes are now acceptable behavior? Sony did one this year.

Yes, they’ve posted a new demo video today for the VAIO Q, an ultrabook laptop with a 2″ screen. You can buy it right now on It’s a powerful and pocketable device, the video will likely stir a sense of nostalgia for anyone who used to own a Sony Clie (see, I told you there was a market for it).

Nate Hoffelder

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  1. Logan Kennelly1 April, 2012

    I really did like the Clie line. There was a depressingly long time between the death of my TH55 (devices really are built much better these days) and the release of something that I liked nearly as much (in this case, an iPod Touch over two years later in late 2008). By that time, though, Android was out and it was only a matter of time before my PDA would swallow a phone (in this case matter of time meant mid-2011).

    But enough depressing, and uncharacteristic, reminiscing. I think the most well-executed video of the day is GMail Tap:

    Seriously, if you’ve ever watched a marketing video and bought into the message, watch GMail Tap. It will make you feel foolish.


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