Google Glasses Spotted in the Wild

So you know that hot new tech that Google teased us with this week? It turns out that it is not quite the SF prop that I thought it was.Robert Scoble was at a charity dinner last night where he happened to bump into Sergey Brin, one of the founders of Google.Brin was wearing a GG prototype and if Scoble is to be believed, it works.

When I first got here I spotted Google co-founder +Sergey Brin. He was wearing THOSE GLASSES!

He quickly told me it is a prototype. I saw a bluish light flashing off of his right eyeball. I could only guess that my Google+ profile flashed up, or maybe some PR voice said "stay quiet" or something like that.

But the glasses are real. Very light looking. Most of the people around us had no idea that these glasses are pretty special.

Google Glasses Spotted in the Wild e-Reading Hardware For those who missed the news, earlier this week Google unveiled Project Glass. Their new hot tech idea is a head's up display built into a lens free pair of glasses. The projector, power, and everthing is supposed to be contained in the thin bar that you can see hanging from the frame.

I will admit that I am surprised. I didn't think Google could shrink the projector small enough to fit it into the unit that Google was showing off. But apparently they did. As you can see from the close up below, the prototype is only slightly thicker and longer than the prop in the concept video.

Google Glasses Spotted in the Wild e-Reading Hardware


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