Google Glass Parody Videos

Google's new Heads Up Display was announced earlier this week and even seen in the wild, and now it is being relentlessly mocked.

I've seen 3 good parody videos in the past few days, including takes on how it would really work, what it would really look like, and a concept video for Microsoft's WindowGlass. That last one is particularly funny for anyone who has used Windows.

If you find another, feel free to leave a comment with a link.


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  1. Having used Android devices for about 15 months now, and having used Windows 7 for… well, since it was launched, whenever that was… I will testify that my Windows 7 machines are more stable than my Android devices, and more efficient in overall use. I felt the same when I was using OS X (Snow Leopard)–Windows 7 was just more comfortable (and reliable) for me, which is why I dumped my Macbook Pro.

    I know people get a kick out of making fun of Windows, but seriously, it’s a pretty darn good OS nowadays.

    • Well, that and you missed the high point of Mac OS X (which was Leopard); stable, fast, and it worked as expected. It’s been on a bit of a downhill slide since then (but you can’t really blame them for putting their best guys onto iOS).

      It’s good to hear that about Windows 7 phones. I really like Android, but I’m pretty set on buying the first Windows Phone that offers an SD card for media if only for the experience.

  2. I always feel that Windows devices and systems are better than Linux, until I actually try to use them, and then I realise how bloody-minded and Defective by Design they really are. Like the installation of Windows 7 which went through all the steps and then wouldn’t run because it was an upgrade,making me reinstall Windows XP merely so that I could reformat the disk and replace it with Windows 7. THAT was an amusing morning.

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