How to Install Android Market on Polaroid PMID701

I’ve had this tablet for a couple weeks now, and I have to say that the out of box performance is a little lacking. While it does ship with a basic suite of apps they’re not very good. Even the free ones I’ve gotten from Amazon’s Appstore are rather lacking when compared to the official Google apps (gMail, gReader, etc).

Luckily for me there’s a way to install Android Market and thus get the official apps. It’s also really easy.

Note that this isn’t  a set of instructions on how to hack the tablet; I’m only interested in achieving a certain minimum level of ability with the least work required.

Update: There are now at least 2 related Android tablets with the PMID701 moniker. These instructions have been confirmed to work on the PMID701C and the PMID701I.

A few days back one commenter pointed me at this page, which has both a set of instructions and the necessary apps. I’ve installed them without a hitch and I am now much happier about this tablet. I followed the instructions on that page and got the exact same results. Here’s how you do it.

  1. Download this ZIP file to your computer.
  2. Open it and copy the contents of the ZIP file to your Polaroid tablet over USB. Then unplug your tablet.
  3. Once you’ve done that, open the file manager on your tablet and go to the folder where you put the files. Try to install the following apps in this order (double click on the files in order to run them):
  • OneTimeInitializer-signed.apk
  • SetupWizard.apk
  • vending-3.1.3-signed.apk

As a 4th step you might want to press the home button, select the checkmark which says “open always with”, and then select Launcher. This will guarantee that whenever you press the home button you will see the home screen and not be prompted with a menu.

All 3 apps installed okay, and I now have the Android Market working. I’ve downloaded and installed several apps. I know that it’s weird that the icon and app still says Android Market, not Google Play, but it works so I do not care.

But there is one small problem. For some reason the Setup Wizard app is listed as an alternate home screen. This does not impact the functions of the tablet, but it is a little annoying so I checked the box to always open the home screen with the other item (Launcher).

All in all, this is a much nicer tablet now. It doesn’t quite have the vibe of the IdolPad but at least it’s no longer coming up short in the apps department.


  1. PRBMAINT7 April, 2012

    I have one and have rooted mine as well. I have noticed that not all apps are visible on the tablet Market. Have you searched for any on a PC, using the Play Store, then searched the same way for same app (like Springpad) and it would not find an installable app on the tablet? I have found several not available in my tablet install, just wondering…

    1. Nate Hoffelder7 April, 2012

      Yes, that happens on some Android devices.

      1. Eliabeth27 August, 2014

        I have followed your instructions to put Google play store on my son’s polarid tablet. When i try to install the first one (OneTimeInitializer-signed.apk) i get a pop up app not installed. what am i doing wrong?

        1. Nate Hoffelder27 August, 2014

          That is usually a sign that you can skip installing that app.

    2. Robert Achtabowski2 January, 2013

      I have the polaroid pmid800. Found the winzip download, is there a free edition?

    3. Brandi13 January, 2013

      Hi. I recently bought the Polaroid PMID800.
      It’s okay,but i am interested in Rooting it. Can you give me specific intructions or tell me where you found the information to Root the device.
      It would be much appreciated :))))

      Thank YOU!

    4. Hoverbored17 June, 2013

      Would you mind letting me know where I can find specific instructions on rooting this device? Thanks!

    5. lawrence18 June, 2013

      thank-u,it worked fine on a polaroid pmid705. 🙂

    6. David20 June, 2013

      I just got the Polaroid PMID901. I had to restart my system but following your step-by-step worked. Thank you for taking the time to post that video. You made my day.

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  3. Rob12 April, 2012

    I just bought 2 of these yesterday for my kids from Big Lots for $99 ea. What’s cool is there is no learning curve if you already have an Android phone. The Market hack worked great. I didn’t install the framework apk because it cautioned that it was already on there. So far, the Market works as it should. The Amazon App Store sucks for free apps because it requires a credit card. I’m not about to let my 13 year old have free rein on a credit card!

    1. Jim4 June, 2012

      I didn’t want a bunch of accidental charges on my credit card either. I created a separate Amazon account just for the app store and added a $0.15 gift card to it to. Amazon app store works fine to buy free apps this way and the device has no access to a credit card.

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  5. ZANGRE18 April, 2012

    I had problems with the google play store lately. Thhis version worked well for me. Thank you so much!

  6. Brian Foster19 April, 2012

    Exactly what is supposed to be better about 4.0 vs 2.3? Is it just a pretty user interface? If so, it should demand more processing power.

    1. Nate Hoffelder19 April, 2012

      It looks a lot different, but I’m not sure that the later version of Android does much more than 2.3 on such limited hardware.

  7. ryan20 April, 2012

    where do i need to put the apk in order to run them?

    1. Nate Hoffelder20 April, 2012

      You can copy them to any folder you like. Open that folder and double click on the files to install them.

      1. Wayne28 May, 2012

        Can you help me out please? I tried copy through usb cable but could not so I use send method and I see ”” in filemanager. When I tried to open it, it say “extract here or to. Could you tell me why I cannot open it? Thanks.

        1. Papi12 June, 2012

          You have open the zip file and move the files in it to the tablet.

  8. […] hacked, installing Android Market was a straightforward process. All I did was repeat the steps listed in this post. It didn’t go quite the same way but the process achieved the goal.Download this ZIP file to […]

    1. CupaT17 December, 2012

      Hey all, I’ve followed the instructions with the Polaroid 705 and am having a couple of issues maybe someone else has already figured out… I unzipped the files to my mac and copied them to my tablet’s “Download” folder. They’re there and visible when file-sharing via USB. However, when I go to the tablet to install the store, File Manager lists no files on my internal SD card. I do not have an external one at the moment. Any suggestions?

      1. Oliver27 December, 2012

        Turn USB off on the Polaroid and they appear

  9. MGJAZZ23 April, 2012

    Installed market just fine, thanks. But books and movies don’t work, only apps. Glad to have market up and running. Thanks.

    1. Nate Hoffelder23 April, 2012

      I’m surprised Google books doesn’t work, but the movies app likely failed because it requires security that this hack cannot offer.

      1. MGJAZZ23 April, 2012

        Can search for books and view lists of books, but when book selected, market crashes.

      2. MGJAZZ24 April, 2012

        I tired Google Play APK 3.5.16 and 3.5.16. They install but stop operating when trying to download app. So, back to 3.1.3.

        RealPlayer works pretty well on 3GP, MOV, FLV, MP4, WMV.

  10. Chuck24 April, 2012

    I tried this and was able to install the files, but I kept getting a message that the app has stopped. I tried using the vending.3.1.3 that you prvided after trying it with a that I saw on another post. The both popped up with a message that they have stopped, is this the ICS vesion of force close? After loading all of the files you provided I also noticed that my Home button quit working. After fumbling around and trying different combinations I gave up and did a Factory Reset. I then went to their Online Help on the Polaroid widget on the tablet and it said that you could install apps using the app apkinstaller which I didn’t have on my device. I went to the Amazon store and downloaded Easy Installer. I opened it and it showed me all of the APK files I had transferred to the device. I tried the 3.5.15 first and after the install I got the same stopped message. I uninstalled the Play Store and tried again with your 3.1.3 file and I now have the Market. It works! I first downloaded Adobe Flash Player and it is functioning. I also successully downloaded the 3D Digital Weather Widget and it is now on my home screen showing me the time and local weather info. I also loaded G-mail. I think I’m good to go although I wonder if my apps will get updates since I’m not a fully functional Google device. Are there other pieces I might be missing to get me on Googles radar?

    1. Frank8 May, 2012

      Thanks so much.Works Great! Now I have a SWEET tablet!

  11. mscitaperez24 April, 2012

    Thank you so much for this info. I just got this tablet today and just did the install right now it worked without a hitch. I had bought one from Kmart the Leader Impression i7 but it was soo slow and it wouldn’t let me hack it. So today I returned it and bought the Polaroid at Big Lots, best investment. 🙂

    1. A. DEIKUN25 April, 2012

      I just bought one of these and would like to install Google Play (if I can’t I will need to return it). I am an extreme novice and do not understand the jargon on these forums. Would someone mind, in very basic terms, explaining to me step by step, how I install Google Play on this? I don’t want to mess it up in any kind of way. I would be deeply appreciative. I am running windows 7 on my computer if it matters.

      I am a little confused because it appears as if there are several different ways to do it posted on here.
      Thanks, Andrew

      1. Nate Hoffelder25 April, 2012

        I would have thought that my instructions were easy to understand.

        Just to be on the safe side I went back and elaborated. Let me know if that helps.

        1. A. DEIKUN26 April, 2012

          Yes it does. Thanks. I’ll try tomorrow.

        2. A. DEIKUN28 April, 2012

          I managed to install the google market. My kids wanted me to download angry birds space and fruit ninja. They don’t show up in this app store but are available on Google Play on my phone. Is there a newer version of the google market available that has Google Play or these apps?

          1. Nate Hoffelder28 April, 2012

            They don’t show up? But I installed Angry Birds after using this hack. I’m looking at it right now.

          2. A. DEIKUN29 April, 2012

            I’m sorry, the latest angry birds, angry birds space. I found a hacked fruit ninja on rapidshare and got it to work, I guess I’ll do the same for the anry birds. Wish I could just download it through the market, however.

  12. dlwilson25 April, 2012

    I just got one of these at Big Lots, and I’m very happy with. It seems comparable to my girlfriend’s Fire. I was able to easily install Android Market using the above instructions.

    1. chris rice14 February, 2013

      I did same thing, and i tried several upon several attempts from many sites to get google play store to install and run and contantly came up with “unfortunately google play store has closed”. this was just the fix i was looking for.

  13. ogilvey26 April, 2012

    hey thank u for that link , i got android up and running , life saver( O.G out…)

  14. Rania27 April, 2012

    Just bought 2 of these yesterday. I’ll see how your instructions work for my 2 and re-post what happened soon. Thanks for all the info in advance. I will add, that if you didn’t want the Android Market and just the use of Amazon App’re better off considering doing this work around. Amazon limits you one important app for me, Google Plus! 😉

  15. Rania @madsocial27 April, 2012

    Nate I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to do this review and to add all these simple steps. Android market place loaded just fine. I’ve downloaded several apps with no issues, no foreclose…nothing! Just like you, 3 of the 4 files loaded. It does say market place for me and I to don’t care whether it says Google play or not. The name is not affecting downloads on device. This is a fantastic tablet for the price. Sure it may be cooler with a camera, but I do own a smart phone. 😉 Other than that I’m very happy with the purchase from BigLots for 99 bucks! I even picked up a 7inch tablet cover from there for only 5 bucks more. Now I can take this tablet with me on my Harley, fits perfect in the saddle bag. Cheers Nate! Thanks again dude!

  16. […] I was playing with my new Polaroid tablet today when I had a brainstorm. I’d just installed a hacked version of Android Market (with apps that I didn’t know would work). The process went off without a hitch, and that got […]

  17. Chuck27 April, 2012

    Can you tell me if my method described above has shortcomings? I may be exchanging mine because the display does some weird things (blurs when scrolling on some WEB sites, forums being an example). It’s not a biggy, but if is a problem with my unit I want to exchange before the 30 days run out. If I loaded the Market as I described will I still get updates or have I sneaked in the back door? If I exchange I might try your route again before going down my path again. I would really like to get this one or a new one set up as a full fledged Google device.

  18. Chaya28 April, 2012

    Yes, this really works! The tablet not getting Google Play was the only draw back. My husband purchased this for me yesterday at Big Lots, was up til 4am, disgusted, trying to get Google Play on it with no avail. He took it back this morning.
    We went out most of the afternoon today looking at other tablets. After the looking was over I wanted my Polaroid internet tablet back. LOL….I went to Big Lots and got it back.
    I searched the internet to see if there was a way to put Google Play apps on this tablet without rooting it and found this page. I spent 10 minutes doing this….Just ten minutes….and it is working like a charm! thanks….Now when hubby gets back, I can show him who is the techy in this family 🙂

    1. Chaya28 April, 2012

      Sorry, I have the Polaroid Internet Tablet PMID701i

      1. Cilla30 April, 2012

        Chaya may i ask how you got the Google Play and Android Marketplace,i’m new to android so not sure how to root it.

  19. Chuck28 April, 2012

    I just returned my first 701i because the display was fuzzy at the comfortable viewing angle. The new one is definitely better. I went throught the same set-up as the first, without my previous fails at loading the Google Market. This time I tried installing the without doing any roots. It installed fine, I went through the whole set-up process with Google and it was in my Apps. When I tried to use it I got a “Unfortunately….has stopped”. I uninstalled it and installed vending-3.1.3-signed.apk that I found in a downlod of 4 files on another post. It worked on the other tablet and works on this one. I have downloaded a few apps successfully, even after receiving errors on re-boots. I get “” and “” has stopped on every re-boot. Do I need to worry about these messages, I seldom re-boot and hiting OK a couple of times is an agrevation I can live with as long as the Market works? Will I still get updates for the apps I have downloaded or do I need to install another apk or two?I have not rooted this thing yet nor do I have a clue how to do that.

  20. Marilyn29 April, 2012

    Did all this, and now it works! Thank you. But – – now my home key does not function, have to keep using the back button. Is there a fix for this?

    1. Nate Hoffelder29 April, 2012

      Try doing a factory reset (under the settings menu).

      Q: Did you download the ZIP file direct to your tablet or did you download it to your computer first?

      I ask because another reader had this issue and he downloaded directly. Once he tried doing it the other way he succeeded.

      1. Chuck1 May, 2012

        I also had the Home button issue after downloading all of your files to my PC and copying them to the device. I ended up loading the Market only and the only issues I have now are on a cold boot as I mentioned in an earlier post on this thread. The old Market seems to be working. I wonder if I will get upgrades.

      2. Marilyn2 May, 2012


        I had downloaded onto the computer first. But, I did a reset, and now it all works fine! Thank you so much for your help.

      3. Heather27 December, 2012

        Hi Nate, I’m also having a problem with my home button on my Polaroid 705. I uninstalled the android market as you suggestedand reinstalled but i’m not even getting the option to make choices with my home button now. I’m cooncerned about pressing the factory reset button it says so much will be lost and i would have to manually reset, is that true or will it just go back to the way it was when i bought it? i just want access to the button again:) Thank you

        1. Nate Hoffelder27 December, 2012

          The factory reset won’t do any harm to your tablet.

          1. Heather28 December, 2012

            Yay it worked:) Thank you so much… I was also wondering, i had seen somewhere on one of these many blogs posted, ways that i can get free books, movies and music. I’ve looked and looked and can’t find where i read it. Could you please post it again??? Thanks for all your info, it’s really helpful:)

  21. Seany29 April, 2012

    Thanks to this page I bought the $99 Polaroid from Big Lots! I have the Android Market on it now. Is it supposed to just show a bag with the Android logo on it?

    1. Seany29 April, 2012

      One more thing: Big Lots has two versions of the tablet. There is one with Android 2.3 and another with 4.0. They are both the same price.

  22. Rania @madsocial30 April, 2012

    One last question for me. Has anyone been able to get Google Talk? I can’t seem to find an app for it and when I visit It won’t let me launch it? It’s nothing that’s going to make me return the tablet, but just would be nice to have as well.

  23. ron2 May, 2012

    I can not down load apps I keep getting a message that I need to sign in but I already am.

    1. Nate Hoffelder2 May, 2012

      Reboot. Also make sure you have the time and date set.

  24. Chuck2 May, 2012

    I found a new post on XDA that was really helpful. I now have the Play Sore working although I am still getting the weird errors on a re-boot that don’t seem to impact performance but I’m still curious if what is stopping is something that needs to be running.

    The really helpful post on the page linked below came from Justin. It has worked, even on my tablet that I have probably left trash installed on before trying his method, Nate’s method and my “don’t know what the heck I’m doing methods”. The good thing is I can now download from the Play Store as I was able to do with the other attempts. As long as I get updates I don’t care if I have to cancel these errors on re-boot. If I’m missing something or I have screwed this thing up, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Check out Justin’s instructions here

  25. Jessy3 May, 2012

    OMG THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH! I was about to toss this tablet out the window.

    You are my hero!

  26. ZigZag6 May, 2012

    I got the Android Market, Google Play installed fine. Only trouble is I can not get a map app. Google maps says it will not run on the tablet. I can go to google maps using the browser and it works. Any suggestions? Also, I downloaded the 3D Weather widget that I can see on the apps page, but how do I get it to the widgets? When I click on it, it says I need to add it as a widget. I would if I knew how! Help would be appreciated. Thank you so much for this page, I was ready to return the tablet until I found this.

  27. Chuck7 May, 2012

    There is a Widgets tab on the Apps page. I have 3D Weather widget on my home page.

  28. ZigZag9 May, 2012

    Hi Chuck, I downloaded the Widget, but when I click on it it shows a page that says I need to install it. It just shows the page, but no more info. Sorry to be such an un techie. But could you explain how to install/add it so it works? Also, do you have maps on your? Which one? Thanks for your help in advanced.

    1. Chuck9 May, 2012

      go to your Apps page (use the link at the top right of your Home page-6 dots). The top there is a link to Widgets, click that tab and your widgets will display. Hold the 3D and move it to your home screen.

    2. Chuck9 May, 2012

      I forgot to mention, it will ask you to set options including your location. I clicked the battery option, that is handy.

  29. ZigZag10 May, 2012

    Thanks Chuck! Got it working! Do you have a map app that you like that works? I tried Googlemaps, but it says it is not compatible with the Polaroid even after doing this fix.

    1. Chuck10 May, 2012

      I assume Google Maps requires a GPS and it doesn’t have one. I am assuming that is why Skytracker, an App I have on my phone and this tablet (my Asus Slider) , doesn’t even appear on the Play Store. I guess we are limited to Mapquest or another web site to get directions. I will not miss it since mine will probably never leave the house and I use an old Garmin for navigating.

      1. ZigZag11 May, 2012

        Thanks Chuck,
        No maps could be a deal breaker for me. My 5 year old ITouch has maps. Add no camera and I seriously have to rethink this one. Thanks for the help though

      2. Rick James19 May, 2012

        Chuck // May 10, 2012 at 11:44 am

        I assume Google Maps requires a GPS and it doesn’t have one. I am assuming that is why Skytracker, an App I have on my phone and this tablet (my Asus Slider) , doesn’t even appear on the Play Store. I guess we are limited to Mapquest or another web site to get directions. I will not miss it since mine will probably never leave the house and I use an old Garmin for navigating.
        There’s something about GPS on tablets which applies to *ALL* tablets that you should know.

        If you don’t have a 3 or 4g data plan GPS on a tablet (Android,IPad) is pretty much useless.

        The tablets need the connection provided by the data plan to download the maps needed by the gps software on the tablet.

        The Tablet GPS Harware/Software *DOES NOT* work like the Hardware/Software found in GPS units made by Garmin,Magellian,tomTom and others, which only needs the linkup to the GPS sats provided by the unit itself.
        No 3/4G or Wi-Fi connection needed.

  30. Dejavuman14 May, 2012

    Just bought a Polaroid PMD701i, followed your instructions and downloaded Android Market so I could use the app for Pandora Radio, but the tablet won’t play a single complete song without skipping to the next one, and I have 100 mb internet. Any suggestions?

  31. arsena mcintire23 May, 2012

    Rob just a heads up. I didnt have to use cc for amazon. Might wanna doublecheck

  32. monk23 May, 2012

    Will a video cam connected to a Polaroid 701i usb outlet/inlet enable video chat on a Polaroid tablet that also has a Skype/ Windows Live/or Google phone app loaded on it? Is ther any app know to man that can be loaded on the Polaroid 701i that would support an external video cam hookup, specifically, for video chat? Succeeded in making one skype call. Worked perfectly. Now I want to rig it for visual communication! Anybody, am I pipe dreaming or can we make this happen?

  33. Frank L25 May, 2012

    Monk, anything is possible, you are not pipe dreaming dood. Think Positive. It can be done.

  34. Frank L25 May, 2012

    here is an example, check out the cable

  35. FastKatt25 May, 2012

    I picked this up, from the kids, for my wife, for Mother’s Day.
    I plan on rooting it, but really wanted to get the Android Market on right away.
    This worked without a hitch! And, I was able to DL all the Google Apps, including Maps.

    I found it easier to save the files to my Dropbox acct.
    I renamed them with numbers at the front, so I would remember what to install, in what order.
    I uninstalled the APK that was showing up in the launcher list, after I had everything going.
    It’s still working, so I guess it’s not needed after the install is finished.

    I installed APEX Launcher, from the Android Market. This thing is KickAss! I might get one for myself. =]

  36. Renee Mothershed28 May, 2012

    Nate, Thank You so much for this-even I did it! Perfect for a Android and Tablet Newbie!!

  37. Mark4 June, 2012

    hi I was wondering if there is a way to get the books and movies to work or if I did it wrong. I followed your instructions to the better, through my comp and all that. the apps work great and updates are working too. I think I may have found a way to get the books working. If you link your gmail account and look up the book on your comp on google pay and hit read it you are able to select it, but as for just getting it through market on the tablet no such luck.

  38. Sunshyn5 June, 2012

    Yayy!!! You are so awesome! I have been searching for the past three months for a way to get the android app store on my PMID701C Polaroid Tablet and this worked without any issues.

  39. Sylvain10 June, 2012

    Thank you. work great!

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  41. Marty Cohn11 June, 2012

    Thanks! I tried a couple other “fixes”, but yours worked fine out of the box. Odd that Google doesn’t seem to want the chance to make money from people with unsupported tablets.

  42. Steve Barcomb16 June, 2012

    I can confirm that these instructions also work on the next generation PMID702C version of this tablet. Thanks for the tips.

    1. Nate Hoffelder16 June, 2012

      Yep, they work. I posted them elsewhere (so they can be found easier via Google.)

  43. Polaroid 7″ Android Tablets Review. | Steve Barcomb's16 June, 2012

    […] the Android market which although using the market icon, when accessed brings you the Play store.(See here) (and here) I installed GMail and side loaded the mobile version of Google+ ( I prefer the enhanced […]

  44. Richard28 June, 2012

    how do i down load apps from amazon. i did everthing including the 1 click dingy but i get the same error that i need to add a credit card which i’ve done. what should i do. should i reset the tablet and start over cause we tried with my kids other accounts and not i have like five to pick from but none work???

    1. Teresa15 August, 2012

      richard, did you get an answer regarding the error that you need to add a credit card? I am having the same issue.

  45. chris C.7 July, 2012

    I get the error “unfortunately, the has stopped” all the time. During apk. install, during android market boot…always. What is my issue? Thanks.

  46. Cheryl M.18 July, 2012

    I too tried this and it worked great. I now have Google Play on my tablet. Thank You So Much for helping….

    I needed to get the Square App (Credit Card Swiper) and was not able to get it from Amazon. So now I am set to swipe away!!!!

    I really, really like my tablet now…..

  47. Zencycle9 August, 2012

    Dejavuman, I’m having the same issue with Pandora cutting off songs on the pmid701i. I also am using a high speed connection. Have you or anyone else found a solution? Thanks.

  48. melissa t4 September, 2012

    Just wanna say THANKS I just bought Polaroid ics pmid703c. first had to dl one of the app stores they had on there ,dl an apk installer, then open the 3 files. market works great! angry birds works great(though I just kinda use it to see how good it will work.) anyway it just says market and doesnt have an icon.just go to the menu though and it comes right up.awesome. im going to try on an older cruz tablet,that has become just a paper weight.thanks again.

  49. Nelson21 October, 2012

    Thanks, for this post!! i had google play installed on my tablet, but it didn’t work properly, so i unistalled it and folowed your steps and now works!!!! thanks 😀
    i have to say this might work in any tablet, because mine is not from the same brand as yours and it worked.

  50. Maria22 October, 2012

    Does anyone know if I install this hack can I run the square credit card reader on a tablet?

  51. light12 November, 2012

    i installed this just fine however i can not seem to add my google account it says that it cant find a reliable connection with full wifi and ideas?

    1. light12 November, 2012

      nevermind i had to connect to a differnt internet

  52. travi95117 November, 2012

    does this work on other tablets as well? like the ematic genesis from walmart

    1. Nate Hoffelder17 November, 2012

      Maybe. It is certainly worth a try.

  53. Manuel20 November, 2012

    Great post!
    thanks Nate

    I bought a couple of this table to video chat with my family but I was kind of disappointed when I downloaded and installed skype from amazon app store, the video did not work.

    Later, I followed your instructions and I installed google play. I removed skype and I downloaded again from google play; and VOILA !!! It works!

    BTW I notice there is a talk apk file in the zip.
    Did you find a way to install and run Google Talk on this tablet?

    1. Nate Hoffelder20 November, 2012

      I don’t know if Talk works. It was in the ZIP file when I got it so I did not remove it.

      1. Manuel20 November, 2012
  54. Nancy22 November, 2012

    I’ve got the uniden tablet from big lots. the files listed above will install, and will let me get as far as registering with my google account – but then when i open the play store, it tells me play store has stopped working. it shows that there are updates, but it won’t open to let me update. help!

  55. Paola22 November, 2012

    I got the uniden tablet and followed all the steps to download google play, the icon is on the tablet but every time I tried it said:”Unfortunately, google play store has stopped” . What should I do. The tablet works fine, but I want skype on it. Please help

  56. sue24 November, 2012

    thank you sooooo much – works great

  57. Bill26 November, 2012

    Had no problem loading this onto my new Uniden 7 tablet (available at Big Lots). Had to include step #4 to get my Home key back afterward but everything works great including the App Store. Your instructions were simple and easy to apply. You are a lifesaver for me!! Thanks for posting this!

  58. LS27 November, 2012

    I followed your steps but my computer doesn’t seem to find the tablet when I connect so I saved the files directly to the tablet but when I double click to add them it says Parse error…HELP, sorry I’ve never done a rooting thing like this so I’m a bit lost. Bought two of these as Xmas gifts for my girls and was hoping to get Google Play on them as I love it on my Samsung Galaxy SII.

  59. matt29 November, 2012

    what risks are there to installing this, i dont want to have my tablet as some people call it as getting bricked,

  60. DruLo29 November, 2012

    I have the Polaroid tablet…it is so frustrating…I have install the files and when i try to open the market it says “Unfortunately, Market has stopped” :(((

  61. Pete4 December, 2012

    I purchased two of these tablets – refurbished from eCost for $59 each. They are for my kids. They work great. I followed the directions provided and Google Market/Play works perfect so far. I even downloaded netflix and played a TV show on one of them. Pretty impressive for the money!!

  62. Christina5 December, 2012

    Help Please

    I’m afraid I’m a tablet newbie, and I’m struggling with the “copy the contents of the ZIP file to your Polaroid tablet over USB.” I have a Polaroid PTAB8000 if it makes a difference. I have my tablet connected via USB to my laptop and I have USB storage turned on. I already downloaded the zip to my laptop and opened it.

    I don’t see anywhere on the laptop or Tablet where I can save it to the Tablet.

    If someone could help me, that would be amazing!

    1. Tom6 December, 2012

      Do you have an email set up on your tablet? (I have gmail). Set up an email account on the tablet, then email to APKs as attachments to that email. That will get them to the tablet and you can then install from there – my Polaroid PMID1000 will install attachments directly after it downloads them.

    2. Oliver27 December, 2012

      When connected via USB and USB option is ‘turned on’ the 8000′ you get an additional drive letter via windows explorer. It was autonamed ‘internal’ via my explorer. Open it and copy the files to the ‘download’ folder. Be sure and turn ‘USB option off’ when done to see thee files on your 8000.

  63. Tom6 December, 2012

    Just a comment – the SetupWizard.apk seems to want a lot of unnecessary permissions, so I did not install that. I did install OneTimeInitializer-signed.apk and vending-3.1.3-signed.apk and that gave me the google market with no problem so I am not sure that SetupWizard.apk is actually needed.

  64. ricardo6 December, 2012

    Hey gracias funciono de lujo… thanks works perfectly

  65. Gigi8 December, 2012

    Well, have read a lot of comments, and feel a bit iffy yet.

    Once DL’d, are there notepads one can work with OFFline?
    Anytime I have tried several, they each tell me I need to check my connection.
    That seems to be the only option other than exiting & just not using it.

    Specifically got the 4″ Polaroid as a purse/pocket keep my notepad handy sortof thuling

    1. Gigi8 December, 2012

      … Was not done when it accidentally posted!! 🙁

      Anyway, need to be able to actually use a notepad app whenever, not just when near wifi. Have no smart phone, so this was to be my answer to writing whenever/wherever … a nice additive to my “dumb” phone. 😉

      But w/its insisting on being online to open apps, apps only being allowed to be DL’d from Amazon at the moment, hoping to heat Google has a grest writing app thst will open/allow usage, not just reading, when offline.

      Thank you (also unsure what rooting is)


      BTW, believe mine is a PMID4311 (the 4″ variety, with Android 4.0 on it.

  66. Bob9 December, 2012

    So far this seems like a great tablet. We’ve had it for a week, and only one problem so far.
    When I load videos onto a micro SDHC card, and insert it, the video player I installed (SuperPlayer) won’t recognize it. It only “sees” the videos on the tablet’s internal memory.

    But I know that the micro SDHC card works – because when I look using the File Explorer, all the videos are there, and I can access the contents, and play the videos that way. But this is awkward and frustrating for my young child.

    How can I get the regular apps to see the contents of the SD card?

    Do I have to create a directory with special name? Do I need to download an app to format this card in a certain way? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

    If it matters, this is the video player that I am trying to use.

  67. Kris11 December, 2012

    This worked perfect on my polaroid PMID800, Thank you soooo much!!!

  68. bruce13 December, 2012

    Hope this isn’t redundant and/or obvious but this google market trick worked on my 4.3″ android 4 Emerson tablet also from Big Lots. Cool little tablet a little cooler.

  69. Matt13 December, 2012

    This worked great for me, thank you! As others mentioned, the books option in the Market crashes the app, but not that big-a-deal for me.

    Before doing this I updated my android OS to 4.0 by following the instructions at this link:

    I love this little tablet, got it for $50 on

  70. vannyc16 December, 2012

    This is fantastic. I followed the instructions and I now have a “Market’ icon on my Polariod PMID705. Let me also mention that when you connect the USB cable to a MacBook Pro, and touch the “Turn on USB storage” button on the tablet, the device shows up on the Mac desktop as HD icon called “INTERNAL”. If you have a micro SD installed on the Polaroid, a second HD icon appears entitled “xxGB MICRO” where xx is the Micro SD card capacity. Just navigate to the INTERNAL HD icon, open the “Download” folder, and place the unzipped files there. From then it’s a snap to do the installation.

  71. CupaT17 December, 2012

    Hey all, I have a 705 and was able to install Android Market from the downloaded zip file. (Make sure you turn off USB file-sharing after you’ve copied over the unzipped files or else you won’t be able to see your files in File Manager.) Unfortunately, Google Play kept crashing. However, it did work long enough to register the device with Google. After that is when it “stopped working.” I uninstalled Google Play and tried Android Market and that seems to work just fine.

  72. Julie17 December, 2012

    Just did this. Seemed to work for my 8″ poloroid I bought from walgreens…model # PMID800. Thanks!!!!

  73. todd17 December, 2012

    worked for me with the 705.. downloaded in browser, extracted the zip to a folder with es file explorer (loaded that with amazon market I had downloaded already.)

    ran the files in order posted above.. Market working.

  74. Chas18 December, 2012

    Have you figured out a way to get flixster to work on one of these tablets after using this process to “hack” it? I have tried several times to use flixster and it keeps saying the device is rooted. I tried using OTA Rootkeeper ( ), but that doesn’t work to solve the issue either.

  75. teyanna23 December, 2012

    okay so i’ve tried this and i dont like it… so my question is how do you uninstal it?

    1. Nate Hoffelder23 December, 2012

      You could just ignore it; it won’t harm you just to let it sit int he background.

      But if you wish to actively remove it then you could go into the settings menu and perform a factory reset.

  76. JTGlenn23 December, 2012

    Can you purchase software using the Google Store with this hack?
    I’m able to download and install all free Google Store apps without the hack. I browse to the store and find the app and when I click on “Free” I choose to install with app. I would like to purchase some apps and wondering if this hack will allow that?

    1. Nate Hoffelder23 December, 2012

      Yes, you can buy apps. Or rather I’ve installed apps I’ve bought from Google, at least. There could be some other reason why you might not be able to.

  77. wayne25 December, 2012

    wi-fi not working after wife reset the tablet any ideas?

  78. Anthony25 December, 2012

    Just wanted to say Thank you

    1. Anthony25 December, 2012

      BTW. I did this on a Polaroid PMID705 and it works just fine

  79. seasick yet still docked25 December, 2012

    i managed to install it on my tablet but it crashes immediately after i open it?

  80. Mayra25 December, 2012

    Did this on the Emerson 4.3″ tablet that I also purchased from Big Lots. Bought one for each of my 5 and 7 year olds so that they can play Angry Birds without having to use my phone or laptop. Your instructions were simple and worked! You helped me make their Christmas. You’re a Godsend! Thank you!

  81. Mike25 December, 2012

    This works on the new Polaroid PMID800 tablet, as long as you follow the directions exactly. Once you open the market, sign in, and allow access when prompted and accept the terms and conditions.

  82. Joy Moore25 December, 2012

    Thank you a LOT for help me install a android market, work super fine in a Polaroid PDMI800 tablet. You save my Mom Christmas!!!

  83. defective_warthog26 December, 2012

    I can report that this works on the PMID704KT model sold at Burkes Outlets. I did the fourth step as well. Wifi is weak, loses signal at 40 feet; battery life is about three hours.

  84. Jayleen26 December, 2012

    I just got the uniden tablet for christmas, and for some reason when I video chat on apps like oovoo or skype and I can see the person but they can’t see me. Can anyone help me with fixing that???

  85. David26 December, 2012

    I got 2 of these for my kids, & this process worked great. It really improves the usefulness of this little tablet. Thanks for saving me a ton of time and trouble! Also, if you got one of these for your kids, & you’re worried about them accessing apps they shouldn’t, then I highly recommend an app called Kids Place. Once you have the Google Play store installed, then search for Kids Place. This is a great app for Parental Control. Hope this helps someone.

  86. rosa tejero26 December, 2012

    Hy i got my son a tablet pmid701i 10x and he click on the widget power control and the screen went black, it turn on put yu can see home page.,please help..

  87. Courtney26 December, 2012

    My dad had gotten me one of these for Christmas. I just followed the directions and it’s seeming to work perfectly fine. Thanks so much for helping!

  88. worked like a charm27 December, 2012

    Thank you for the quick and easy instructions for installing google apps. It worked flawlessly!

  89. ken27 December, 2012

    I did this and I got the market,everything is working fine so far, but when I am in the market I can not search for anything using the search bar, is there a fix for this?

  90. ken27 December, 2012

    Oh sorry my tablet is a polaroid 1000b

  91. Jamie27 December, 2012

    Does this work on the Polaroid PMID705 and PTAB7XC Tablets!?! I also have problems down loading apps for my kids!!

    1. Nate Hoffelder27 December, 2012

      This process works sometimes on the 705, sometimes not. Several people have reported that it didn’t work on the PTAB7XC.

    2. Paul1 January, 2013

      I have just finished using these instructions to get the market on a PMID705. It took less than 5 minutes and works perfectly.

  92. Ashleigh28 December, 2012

    Will these steps work for the PMID703C? I went through the steps & the Market App downloaded but when we try to open it, it says that.. The market has stopped.

    1. Nate Hoffelder28 December, 2012

      Some people have gotten it to work, yes.

  93. Tom P28 December, 2012

    OK so I got your site from a review after someone bought a 10.1 polaroid. First try on my daughters 10.1 tablet worked like a charm and still is. Second shot on my other daughters same tablet, won’t allow me to log in saying it’s not supported (I did make her a new account.) Figured I would give it another shot on my sons tablet (yes santa brought them all the same gift this year not to disappoint) and no go same issue. Lastly, our friends got their daughters one as well, went through the same exact steps, got her in no issues… What is with that? 2 out of 4 took?? Any suggestions?? I was going to attempt factory reset on the other 2 that did not take, but figured I would ask you first.

    Nice work by the way, very helpful, a little frustrating but I know it has nothing to do with your instructions clearly, I got it to work half the time so I chalk it up to the tablet lol!

    Let me know and appreciate your time! Have to appease the “heathens” ASAP! 😉
    [email protected]

    1. Nate Hoffelder29 December, 2012

      I’d recommend a factory reset. And then try the process again.

  94. Shannon1 January, 2013

    Hi there, I got the Market App to download and install perfectly on my hubby’s new PTAB8000. When we try to open the Market App, it says there needs to be an acct added to the device. My hubby has added his gmail account to the email app… is there something I’m missing??

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

    1. Nate Hoffelder1 January, 2013

      Try rebooting the tablet.

      And please let me know if that works.

  95. jen2 January, 2013

    I did this on my coby kyros. It tells me I must add an account to continue and do I want to do so now and when I click yes,it just closes the store. I’ve rebooted to no avail :”(

  96. robbfromok2 January, 2013

    I got the PMID800. Followed the directions, and it works great.
    Downloaded my directv, and viggle apps. Now i can enjoy the google market. I am disappointed in poloroid though. The reasoning given from the faq is really lame. They need to allow the consumer to choose their app store. The opera app store is ok, but i need apps that are only available on the google market.

    Thanks again for this work around.

    1. Nate Hoffelder2 January, 2013

      Well, I’m not sure you can blame Polaroid so much this is a case of Google controlling access to the Android Market. That’s who is blocking you.

  97. al russell4 January, 2013

    Downloaded the zip file to my desktop and then unzipped the file. From the desktop I then transferred the unzipped files to my Polarid model PTAB7xc tablet. Ran the files as instructed, using the procedure on this site. All worked perfectly, my thanks to the author, Nate Hoffelder; you did good.

  98. Brian4 January, 2013

    This also works on the 10″ version – be sure to uninstall any existing google play versions you may have already tried

  99. Pam5 January, 2013

    do u have to uninstall any apps that you already have before doing the zip? Or will this cause u to lose the apps you already have?

    1. Nate Hoffelder5 January, 2013

      The only apps you would have to uninstall would be any failed attempts to install a similar hack.

  100. MIchael10 January, 2013

    it says i need to add an account but i already made a gmail account. whats wrong?

    1. Nate Hoffelder10 January, 2013

      I don’t know. Google the error message.

  101. rob13 January, 2013

    just purchased polaroid 703c with 1.0 and 1.6 internal memory, i.e., tablet and internal
    sd respectively. i also installed 16gb external sd. can one download directly to the ‘external’ sd versus the intenal. purpose is the internal does not provide enough memory when downloading, for example, movies. or, is the only option to download movies to your pc then transfer over to the tablet/external/sd? perhaps there is an app?
    thanks much for your help. also thank u for sharing how to setup google market on the tablet.

  102. ThankfulUser28 January, 2013

    Thanks a ton for the post. Worked for me !

  103. Rania31 January, 2013

    Hey Nate,

    I did this almost 8-9 months ago on my tablet and have commented that it worked just fine. Still does.

    I’m just wondering if there is a new update to this work around that would actually allow me to add the current version of “Google Play Store”? Just sucks that it’s a Google device, and we have to do this work around, but still can’t get the latest app updates for apps such as “Google Plus and Gmail”. Let me know if you’ve seen anything out there on the web. Thanks again! Happy New Year!

  104. Nickyrock1 February, 2013

    Hi I have the PMID705 and used this trick with success, how ever I am in need of a few stock apps I no longer have. The built in default apps for email, calendar, and browser. I have the current ICS image from southerntelecom site but can’t seem to open/explore the image, was hoping I could extract said apps from it. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. thanks this information is a great help to alot of us! thanks for sharing it!

  105. Todd3 February, 2013

    So to get the Home button (hard physical button I’m assuming? Or the soft home key? Or both? Neither if mine function after installing google market) to work again, I see these steps listed in the instructions on your post:
    “As a 4th step you might want to press the home button, select the checkmark which says “open always with”, and then select Launcher. This will guarantee that whenever you press the home button you will see the home screen and not be prompted with a menu”
    My question is where do you accomplish this within the tablet? I don’t know when you are supposed to press the home button… Because the home button doesn’t work. Which is the point of trying to make it work lol.
    So if anyone can clear this up it would be much appreciated.
    Again, I have already installed the google store and it works. I just have no home function via the physical or soft key buttons.
    Thank you all!!!

    1. Nate Hoffelder3 February, 2013

      Sometimes this hack breaks the home key. Most of the time this does not happen.

      1. Kenn Sanchez25 March, 2013

        Please please explain breaking the HOME key.

        1. Nate Hoffelder25 March, 2013

          Why does it happen? I don’t know.

  106. Jim R15 February, 2013

    Thanks, worked on a polaroid tablet PMID703C 7″, you ROCK…..thanks again for ending my aggravation with this headache

  107. OH Momma Lang5 March, 2013

    I (finally) was able to download the Market. HOWEVER… when I go to open it, it states “Unfortunately, Market has stopped.” I am not a techy by any means. I am at a loss. How the heck do I fix this??? We have 3 of these tablets (7 inch – model PTAB7XC).

    1. Nate Hoffelder5 March, 2013

      Reboot the tablet and try to run the app again.

      If that doesn’t help the you could try a factory reset. Install the apps again after the reset.

  108. Morgan8 March, 2013

    I keep trying to install this on my proscan, and it installs fine, but when I open up the market and enter in my e-mail it says market has stopped. I keep factory resetting, reinstalling and rebooting. Please tell me how to fix it!

  109. Kenn Sanchez25 March, 2013

    I installed it according to the directions to my Polaroid PMID705X and it worked like a charm. I contacted Google and they said that Polaroid did not have a license to have the Google Play or mrket on the units. Anyways, I now have it!

  110. Jamie26 March, 2013

    i had a white poloroid tabet bought from big lots installed these files and it worked perfect they had to warranty my device due to the plug in part broke and they sent me a black one back anyways installed these files same as before and it says market has stopped working do you kno why this may be happening?
    Thanks so much.

  111. Tracy Brownfield12 April, 2013

    Hi, I have the Polaroid PMD703C that my hubby got me for Christmas. I have installed, rebooted, reformatted and still get the “Unfortunately Market Has Stopped” message. I am at my wits end and really need Google Play because there a couple of apps that I can only get with Play. I noticed that in my file manager still has the apps I have downloaded in the past from Amazon and Slideme. Would this have anything to do with my problems?

    1. Nate Hoffelder12 April, 2013

      The uninstalled apps should not be affecting anything. I don’t see how they could.

  112. Hoverbored17 June, 2013

    Just ignore the second half; Thanks to you I have Google Play on my 4.3″ mini-tab.


  113. plz answer5 July, 2013

    i want to buy a MIDC470PR001 and whas wondering of the fix works for that too?

  114. tasty naydes4U7 July, 2013

    Hey thanks a whole bunch. This also works for the Polaroid pmid 705. Just incase someone was wondering.

  115. straygoose31 July, 2013

    Looks like it won’t work on the Polaroid PMD720. I downloaded and installed the files and nothing. Then I did a factory reset and re-installed and still nothing. If anyone has any idea I would be grateful.

    It is a PMD 720 and not a 702

  116. jim5 August, 2013

    my polaroid does not show up in the device manager. its just not there. I go to computer and right click and and hit manage and its not there. what do I do. im very worried.

  117. Ann7 August, 2013

    this worked for my xelio tablet, thanks

  118. jim8 August, 2013

    when I go into the manage feature on computer and then into devices the tablet is not there. I tried everything I could think of but nothing worked. any suggestions.

    1. Nate Hoffelder8 August, 2013

      I’m not sure which tablet you have, but it sounds like your tablet wants to be put into USB mode.

      Plug the tablet into the computer with the USB cable. Does any new menu appear on the screen of the tablet?

      If not, you’ll need to pull down the notification bar from the top of the screen and see if there is a button or notification which mentions something about USB mode.

  119. Alan19 August, 2013

    I did this and when I go to open up the “Market” app it says:

    “You must add an account to the device to continue. Do you want to add one now?”

    I select “Yes” of course.

    Then the app crashes/does something really quick (it just goes back to the main menu where I can see all my apps)

    I tried hitting “No” and it does the same thing.

  120. kim24 August, 2013

    I just downloaded the google play store with no problem. When I go to install an app it always sends back an error message. It will not install anything. Help!

  121. Beth Wellington19 September, 2013

    Tech support for Polaroid told me that if one installs google play on its tablets not set up as hardware certified by Google void the one -year warranty…Instead he suggests searching for any apps you want using one of the app stores listed or another that recognizes the device.

    I was able to install an app that is only on google play by searching for it from the compatible app store. In this case 1 Mobile Market (which unfortunately installs ads saying things like “3 viruses detected” and an apparent download of a game.

    The virus scan for the tablet is actually pre-installed and Norton etc. doesn’t work or work as well. The ads disappeared when I went to 1 Mobile Market and reported the game app as objectionable. (It might have disappeared if I had just gone to the app store but not downloaded the game.

  122. Neil28 September, 2013

    Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!!!

  123. Ariel7 December, 2013

    Thank you so much!! I did the steps above and it worked like a charm but when I got to open any of the apps I downloaded, they don’t work. It lets me download but nothing works… HELP! It might help to tell you I have Emerson 4.3” Touch Internet Tablet, not the tablet you have. It shouldn’t make a difference since it runs on the same system. Thank you!

    1. Nate Hoffelder31 December, 2013

      It does make a difference because these instructions were originally written for Android 2.3. They have worked elsewhere but there’s no guarantee that they will work.

  124. Mark15 December, 2013

    Worked great on Polaroid PMID705X

  125. Darrian31 December, 2013

    hi there, if your still helping out i have a polaroid pmid920. followed all the steps and everything, and it didnt work at first so i went thought and redid the downloads in the tablet, and then installed the GoogleServicesFramework-signed.apk and the store finnaly worked and opened.. sort of.. then in trying to add my google play account it would not sync with the services and ended the process.. help?

    1. Thomas31 December, 2013

      Well, there’s a set of instructions for rooting and installing Google stuff on the 920 here:

      But it’s not really newbie-friendly. Or even close.

    2. Nate Hoffelder31 December, 2013

      I Googled your tablet and I see that it is described as running Android 4.2 (but no Google Play), so I have a suggestion.

      Try to install the file “JP Play Store” found in the ZIP file you downloaded. If that file installs it will replace Android Market with Google Play. Reboot your tablet and then try to log in again.

      There’s a good chance that this will work for you. But I don’t have this tablet so I can’t say for sure.

      If it doesn’t work my next step would be to factory reset your tablet and then try to only install the “JB Play Store” file.

      1. Darrian1 January, 2014

        so i tried your suggestions nate and they did not work, it seems that the GoogleServicesFramework-signed.apk does not work on this newer-ish tablet… it will continiously crash and not work even with the other playstore that you mentioned.

        1. Nate Hoffelder1 January, 2014

          So you tried my second suggestion (perform a factory reset and …)? I don’t see how GoogleServicesFramework would have affected my second suggestion; you weren’t supposed to install it.

          1. Darrian2 January, 2014

            when i tried to use the jp play store by its self it would only open and then close off right away, so i tried combinations of all the other files in hopes that one of them would work, GoogleServicesFramework was the only one to load the login screen, however just like before it would crash and ultimatly not work…

            1. Nate Hoffelder3 January, 2014

              Well, shoot. I don’t think this trick is going to work on your tablet, sorry.

  126. Silas Bucur19 May, 2014

    When I downloaded this on my computer, (the zip) I plugged in the USB cable but I don’t see the tablet folder so I can’t transfer it to my Polaroid tablet. How do I get the folder to open so I can transfer the data?

  127. Nicole7 January, 2015

    I purchased 2 PMID709 for my kids and followed your instructions and it worked for about 5min. now when we click on Market it says Unfortunately, Market has stopped working. Is there anything else I can do to try and fix this?

    1. Nate Hoffelder7 January, 2015

      First thing to do is reboot the tablets.

  128. Anon16 August, 2015

    I know I’m a tad late to this game but I’ve downloaded/installed the files as described to my Polaroid Tablet model:PTAB8000. However, when I try to open the market it asks if I want to add an account and upon pressing ‘Yes,’ it disappears and goes back to the apps screen. I’ve tried rebooting and even re-installing the files. Any ideas?

    1. Nate Hoffelder17 August, 2015

      No, sorry.

  129. Allen17 September, 2015

    Where is the app store?

    1. Nate Hoffelder17 September, 2015

      look in the app drawer.

      Is there an icon labeled “Google Play” or “Android Market” or something like that?

      Is there an icon in the upper right corner of the app drawer?

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