eMatic eGlide Prism Now Shipping – 7″, Android 4.0, $157

eMatic eGlide Prism Now Shipping - 7", Android 4.0, $157 e-Reading Hardware Another press release announcing tablet from the heavily crowded budget category came through my inbox this morning.

eMatic is a name my regular readers might know; I've reviewed a few of their Android tablets. They've released several over the past 6 months, and the eGlide Prism looks like it might be the best, though that's not saying much.

It's based on the standard 7" capacitive touchscreen, and it's running the latest version of Android on an unnamed 1GHz CPU. The hardware is rather basic, but it does have the usual microSD car slot, Wifi, and a g-sensor. It also has 8GB Flash storage and a VGA webcam. eMaticis also including 5GB of cloud storage with this tablet, which is nice.

They're also boasting rather strangely about this tablet's 3D video ability. For example, it can play 2160p 3D videos, but there's no way to output the signal and the screen resolution is 800x480, so it can at best display 720p. The higher resolutions might as well not exist, for you won't be able to see them on this tablet.

eMatic eGlide Prism Now Shipping - 7", Android 4.0, $157 e-Reading Hardware

I'm also a little puzzled and put off by the 3D glasses. Most all of the 3D tablets that I know of use the gray tinted polarizing lenses or don't need glasses at all. This one needs red-blue 3D glasses. That is quite old and it never looked all that good, IMO.

So should you buy this tablet? I'm not sure. I've had my hands on 3 eMatic tablets before (here, here), and I have to say that the devices were disappointing. The hardware on one was abysmal, and the design on the others was marginal, but the biggest problem with those tablets was that they effectively has no battery life. Whenever I put them down at night, they were usually dead by morning.

Hopefully the eGlide Prism will be different. It is now available at www.shopnbc.com, where it is on sale for $157.

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  1. I have to agree with you Nate; there was a store in Lawton, that had ematics, for the price it would be better to go with kindle fire, Nook tablet or playbook even though there a bit higher than this, but the specs seem good till you start messing with it and see it more sluggish than heck or very cheaply made

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