Kindle Touch Now Shipping to UK, Germany, France

It may have taken Amazon a while to get caught up, but today they started shipping the Kindle Touch from their local Kindle Stores in Germany, France, and the UK. The new Kindle’s will come with local language support courtesy of a recent firmware update which, among other new features, added support for all 7 languages supported by the Kindle platform.

This follows a mere 2 months after the Kindle Touch Wifi started shipping around the world (confirmed by readers in Austria and Canada). While it’s a little odd that the rest of the world got the Kindle Touch before the the local Kindle Stores in France, UK, Germany, Italy, and Spain, I wonder of the delay was perhaps due to the firmware not being ready. That update came out last week.

There’s no word yet when Amazon plans to ship the Kindle Touch from the Kindle Stores in Italy and Spain, but it’s scheduled to happen next Friday. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the ereaders ship early next week.

Nate Hoffelder

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  1. Alexander Inglis20 April, 2012

    A small point: Amazon does not ship Kindle products (and never has) from its Canadian store. All Kindle related sales — hardware and ebooks — are handled by not amazon .ca.

    This is different than Amazon practise with which is the sole (official) source for UK residents for Kindles and Kindle ebooks.


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