Kindle Fire to Get Free 3G And Other Idiotic Ideas

The usual unreliable source has invented another scoop today, and this one is particularly laughable.

Source within Amazon have disclosed that there will be a new version of the Kindle Fire with 3G functionality. It will work the same as the 3G variants of their ereader class that allows the user free 3G internet access. The company has been quietly upgrading their network to support all of the media that will be streamed online. This will allow the Kindle Fire to give you all of the internet content and shop for books while on the go.

Amazon has a long established track record during the last four years of providing free 3G internet access with their e-ink readers. They are always more expensive then their WIFI counterparts, but allows more freedom to purchase content while outside wireless areas. ... You will not have to pay anything extra for the 3G internet access but there is internal debate on what you can do while on 3G access.

First, one important detail that the unreliable source forgot to mention was that Amazon doesn't offer free browsing over 3G on the Kindles anymore; that feature is blocked on the Kindle Touch. That makes it more than a little unlikely that Amazon would offer a similar feature on the Kindle Fire.

Update: They've edited their post to back down from the rumor they invented.

But even if Amazon offered a 3G equipped Kindle Fire, the 3G service won't be free.

The thing is, back before the KF launched I got into a debate on whether Amazon might do this, and most everyone thought the answer was no. (Yes, while I was steadfastly denying the possibility of the KF I was also debating how it would work. I'm weird like that.) While Amazon might offer you a 3G equipped KF it will not come with free access to anything. The bandwidth would simply cost too much.

Amazon likely won't even offer free 3G access to even their own content. They already have Android apps and Kindle ebooks for sale on their site which are listed as not being downloadable over 3G. The files are too big, and that means the transmission cost is too high.

And free streaming content? Don't make me laugh. A heavy use of Amazon's own video service could easily blow through the entire $200 retail price of the KF in under a couple months, assuming the content is going over a 3G connection.

Do you want to know how much mobile data costs? iPad owners are paying $20 per GB, and even the best data plan costs $40 a month for unlimited service. Do you really think Amazon is going to eat that cost?

Yeah, this is one of those rumors that you consider just long enough to discard as improbable. Amazon is simply not set up for it.

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3 Comments on Kindle Fire to Get Free 3G And Other Idiotic Ideas

  1. Reminds me of the stories about Google looking to set up a national wireless network all their own to offer free internet to the masses.
    For some reason, it still hasn’t happened…
    (I wonder why.)

  2. How is free internet an idiotic idea? INFORMATION SHOULD BE FREE. LIBRARIES ARE???? The internet is just another library. Just digital. If anything Youtube and Google sites shouldn’t have to be paid for to be able to be used. THEY ARE COVERED IN FUCKING ADS THAT PAY FOR THE SITE ITSELF? SO WTF? Do ISPS Give money to these servers that provide all this information? NO. They fucking charge these people to have their servers attached to their lines. ISP’S ARE FUCKING THEIVES. THEY DO NOTHING MORE THEN OPEN A DOOR. THATS IT. They Don’t Provide shit. They give a path to the people who do provide the content. ISP’s shouls only be charging a thousandth the price that they are. Why the fuck should I pay to view Google? The ads they have have made their company Trillions of dollars. Do they honestly need more? When they personally have more revenue then most countries? I think not. So to the heading of this article. I say FUCK YOU to the editor. Stupid dick.

    • Daniel's conscience // 19 February, 2013 at 10:00 pm // Reply

      Information, like wikipedia or digital books should be free. s.

      The internet itself can’t be free. it costs money to maintain servers, power costs are enormous. Want to learn to build something or start a business? Sure!

      Want to jack off to some porn? No. Get a job. Want to browse facebook for free? No, get a job. Want to watch youtube videos all day? No, get a job. Want to post stupid profanity laden comments on blogs? get a job! These uses you need to pay for yourself.

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