Warning: Latest Kindle Fire Update Turns on Passwords by Default

Warning: Latest Kindle Fire Update Turns on Passwords by Default Amazon

Amazon rolled out a long-wished-for update on Thursday which added parental controls  to block access to the store, browser, and what have you. Unfortunately for a lot of Kindle Fire owners, Amazon doesn't appear to have thought this through.

A number of Kindle Fire owners have reported that, upon receiving the new update, they are locked out of their devices. I have now gotten 4 comments on my blog and found a couple dozen concurring complaints over on Amazon's Kindle Forums.  All are reporting much the same issue, and there are a number of details in common. None of the afflicted owners actually enabled the password. They all report that the update did it to their Kindle Fires.

In case it's not clear, the owners didn't forget the passwords or set them wrong. No, the issue here is that the Kindle Fires are asking for passwords that do not exist.  There is literally nothing that can be entered that will fix this problem.

That's really not a good thing, and what's worse is that no one has figured out a solution yet. A couple users have even contacted Kindle Support, but Amazon is just as baffled by this as we are. The only suggestion that the CS reps could make was to do a factory rest. Naturally, the afflicted owners are not exactly happy about that.

And as reports continue to come in this looks like it's going to grow into a truly massive clusterfuck. I have no idea where it's going to end, but this news is important enough that it needed to be shared.

But I can tell you that one KF owner reported that CS said the Kindle tech team is aware of the issue and they are working on a solution. Let's hope they find it soon.

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35 Comments on Warning: Latest Kindle Fire Update Turns on Passwords by Default

  1. Fascinating. It doesn’t happen to everybody; my KF updated and I didn’t have any problems. Wonder what the common denominator is for the affected devices?

  2. No problem with mine, either. It updated by itself. No problems using it since.

    • Timothy Wilhoit // 6 May, 2012 at 7:22 am // Reply

      Same here. Mine updated on its own and the parental controls are set to “OFF.” It’s odd that some KF’s default to OFF while others do not.

  3. I didn’t have any problems either. I did follow Andrys’s advice and created a password in case somebody accidentally turned it on.

  4. My KF has been like this since the update…so I am locked out of web browsing on the native silk browser and cannot buy or download any apps…i had another browser downloaded and this working…but hour correct nothing works…no obvious default password or my amazon password or anything else and I did not have passwords enabled at all prior to the update. Thanks for keeping on the story…

  5. I don’t think the new update has pushed across on my Fire yet, but I took the step of creating a password just in case.

    Good thing this happened to an Amazon product and that they’re trying to find solutions. If it was an Apple or Microsoft product, they’d probably call it a feature… 😉

  6. I had the same password lock out after update and tried my amazon password and that worked (not having created a password on kf) hope this may help .

  7. My tried to unlock the parental controls with my Amazon password and that didn’t work either. I hope there is a solution soon. This is not good.

  8. Update: I just tried the last 4 digs of my ssn. It worked! Now where the Kindle got this….I don’t know. I don’t recall giving it to Amazon, but maybe I did ages ago…

    • Worked for me too. Not sure how they got that, but thanks for the tip! My 8 year old was devastated she couldn’t download her game!!!! LOL

  9. Hi I had the same problem and i used my amazon password and it worked, try it.
    good luck.

  10. Wow. Thank you, Julie. I just tried my last four digits of my ss # and that did work! I’m so confused, as well, as to where they got that number. I’m 100% sure I never gave them that. Not good.

  11. same here. locked out… never set up password. none of the ssn or amazon passwords work either. i’m CRANKY. 🙁

  12. Mine has the same problem! I am hoping a fix comes so that I don’t have to reset by KF. This is ridiculous!!!

  13. I have 2 months of appointments scheduled on my Kindle calender. Way to much information to lose by a factory reset or to retype into another product. Any way to save information to SD or to computer to retrieve later?

  14. Just ran update. NEVER and I mean NEVER set a password for my WiFi or otherwise. Locked out of ALL of my DATA… thankfully I am able to AND GOING to take mine back to where I purchased it..if Amazon does not fix this “BUG” in 1 week from this post… and pay $50 buck more for a much better 7″ tablet that. This is rediculous and I am a senior security official with a Gov. organization that has well over 25 years experience in IT.. This just plain should NOT have happened.. and is flat out a BUG…

    • Sorry… not ALL of my Data, but no more Wireless connectivity unless I delete all my stored info and then perform a factory reset through no fault or issue created by myself.. but on account of Amazon running an update on my Kindle Fire… Very frustrating and UNDEPENDABLE to say the least..

  15. It happened on mine after the update.
    I know 100% for certain, I Did NOT enable this.

    This sucks.
    Is there a default password ?
    I tried all the usual generic ones… including amazon one, etc…

  16. If you have – once upon a time – set a PIN (Lock Screen Password under Setting -> Security) but then disable it back, try to use that PIN. It works for me.

  17. For the parental control problem….First we tried all the passwords we used (worked for some people)…and nothing
    Next tried to deregister and then register the device (worked for some)…..and nothing

    I tried lowercase first name of registered user……BINGO….try first name of registered user!!!

  18. You got to be kidding me! This long and they cant come up with a solution? I left my Fire on while charging after not using it for awhile and it updated and locked me out. I have too much on it to loose after doing a factory reset. Is this their way of making you repurchase apps? http://www.barnesandnoble.com here I come.

  19. I have been going crazy researching solutions. It makes me feel better im not the only one. I kept trying to figure out if i set parental controls on my own, and then after watching a video relaized I would have remembered if it entailed so much. All I can say is WTF, I have to set it back to factory settings now?? are my books going to be gone???

  20. My grand -daughter used her own money she saved from raising a goat for the fair to buy a kindle fire and now she can not use it. If she resets she loses all her apps and stuff this is a bunch of crap. They should not do a update on this unless approved by the owner first. So are you going to give her money back if you can’t fix this???

  21. This really sucks! I’m glad it’s just not me though but am not really sure what to do. I can’t get to my settings or anything. HELP!!!!!

  22. Password for router worked for me

  23. im so mad i got on and im afraid that if i reset it i will lose all my stuff can anyone asure me that if i reset it it will leave my stuff in the cloud

  24. It is still going on! My son was asked to upgrade his KF last night and now we cannot get access anything. I have tried all the solutions suggested but unfortunately no luck in our case. I phoned customer support – was told that we had forgotten the password until I told him that I read the blogs, when he shut up. He then tried to suggest it was a security feature until I pointed out it cannot be a security feature if even the parents cannot access it. When I asked where I could complain (it is almost two years since they knew about this problem) he gave me the email address of the CEO for Amazon UK. I have written to Mr Christopher North this evening together with emails to the main consumer watchdog TV and radio programmes on the BBC. I think it is time we shame Amazon into doing something about this.

  25. Still going on again. This judt happened to us tonight. Pure outright BS!!! Why is this company doing this to consumers who psy good money for shitty products.

  26. Same thing here…we typed 1234567890 and that worked to unlock KF

  27. If you get locked out its simply whatever your password is to login to your main Amazon account

  28. My KF was fine until I charged it last night and now I am completely locked out of it . Cannot change settings because they don’t come up. It just says to enter a pin number i do not have. BS!!!!

    • I have a friend that just got the Kindle Fire HD (whatever is it called , 6″ color display reader) and she updated and got locked out. Since she was unaware of any PIN , i just tried 1234567890 and it worked. I guess that’s the standard pin for these devices , try it and see if it works!

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