Laptop Magazine Reviews the Jetbook Color – They Hate It

My detractors aren’t going to be happy today. Laptop Magazine has just posted their review of the Jetbook Color, Ectaco’s new ereader based on the 9.7″ the Triton color E-ink screen, and they think you should get an iPad. You can read the full review if you like but I’m not sure you need to; it basically says what I wrote 3 months ago and again last week.

There is almost nothing to recommend about the $499 Ectaco JetBook Color. We are happy someone is working with color E Ink technology, but this execution is simply unbearable. Almost nothing works as advertised and we found ourselves constantly frustrated, from the touch screen’s responsiveness to the inability to use the included Wi-Fi radio.

We encourage schools to who might be interested in this device to think twice, as it doesn’t make sense to train our children to use an outdated operating system and a crippled and nonfunctioning piece of technology. If you are desperate for a 10-inch E Ink screen, you can pick up the Amazon Kindle DX for $120 less, or if color really is your thing, you can pick up the new iPad with Retina display for the same price. Either way, you’d be better off than with the JetBook Color.

This bit of news is particularly interesting for me because last week I posted a follow up review of the Jetbook Color, and I thought it was nearly as useless as when I bought it several month ago.

A number of readers responded with hostility, including one that called me a sellout. There  was enough pushback that I started wondering if maybe I missed something. I’ve made mistakes before, so it wasn’t impossible for me to have made one with the JetBook Color.

Clearly I was not wrong in my opinion of the device. It really does suck as much as I thought it did.

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  1. Mike Cane11 May, 2012

    >>>A number of readers responded with hostility, including one that called me a sellout.

    That guy is either living in an alternate universe, hates his daughter, or wouldn’t know properly-functioning tech if it bit him in the ass, drained all his blood, killed him, and made him come back as a zombie. In fact, he’s probably a zombie right now. That’s why he tried to suck out your brain!

  2. cookie11 May, 2012

    Ectaco is famous for having employees post comments in defense of their devices.

    1. cookie11 May, 2012

      of course, they only way you know they are employees is if you track their ip addresses.


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