Still Having Issues With The Kindle Fire Update? Here’s Amazon’s Solution

Last Saturday night I posted a warning note about the recent Kindle Fire firmware update. A fair number of users were reporting that the new update had enabled the new parental controls (password protections on everything) automatically. Luckily, I think I have a solution.

It’s a week later and I’m still getting comments from people who are encountering this issue for the first time. I have to say that I am a little surprised that it’s still happening and I’m also surprised that they’re not getting the help they need from Amazon.

So I followed up on it, and this is what I was told:

Sounds like these customers turned on the password-protection for the wi-fi lock when we launched that feature back in December.  For their convenience, we enroll these customers in the new parental controls since they had previously opted-in to our original control, the wi-fi lock.  If a customer has forgotten their password and calls Customer Service, we suggest they try any of their regular or recent passwords, and if they can’t remember, we suggest a factory reset, or ask them to deregister and re-register their Kindle from

I managed to avoid this problem, so I cannot confirm the details above. But it makes some sense, and it is definitely worth trying if you are already locked out.The only sure fire solution is to do a factory reset, which would wipe your data. This is definitely better than that.

This would also explain why only some KF owners are having the issue, wouldn’t it? The others likely never had the password set at all.

If this works for you, please leave a comment.

Update: I’ve now heard back from a couple KF owners, one of whom had never set a password. The other discovered that the last 4 if her SSN worked, even though she’d never given the info to Amazon.

Second Update: I have a third KF owner who bought his a month ago and never set any passwords. The instructions above won’t help him any.

Okay, it looks like I got played by the Kindle marketing dept. Live and learn.


  1. Lasmom23 May, 2012

    I was able to download an e-book on my laptop and send it to my daughter’s kindle fire for her to read.

    I still have the problem with the password controls enabled. I tried old passwords, last 4 or social, current password, nothing unlocks. An even if you ‘Deregister’ and ‘Reregister’ it won’t allow you to ‘Reregister’ the same kindle you are ‘deregistering’. The solutions to these problems are so extreme. What if I reset back to factory defaults, what happens to all those apps/books etc I bought? Do I get credit for those purchases or do I have to buy again? I work in Quality Control and if we released a product that had this type of defect, it would be consequences to pay. I emailed the folks at Amazon support about my parental controls enabled and I have not heard from ANYONE!!! I sent this email awhile ago. I think I will go back to Best Buy and see if they have any solutions. My daughter loves her Kindle Fire and this has been the only real problem so far.

    1. Timothy Wilhoit24 May, 2012

      Go to this page and click the yellow “contact us” button on the right side of the page. After selecting the particular device and issue, choose the “call us” button. Be ready to pick up the phone…they call quickly.

  2. Allison Singleton29 May, 2012

    Having the same problem and this SUCKS! They need to give me $250 credit to re-buy all the stuff I had already purchased on this thing. I’m not wiping it clean until they do something and I am REALLY MAD!!!!!!

  3. kristina14 June, 2012

    I, also, tried every password that could have possibly been, even my wireless router password!! none of which worked (obviously if i am googling this). I am just waiting it out, hoping that they come up with a solution to this problem. ah, well.. no more pinterest in bed 🙁

  4. Candy7 December, 2013

    I just turned my kindle on and it is asking for a pw also. I have never put a pw on this. I am not happy! I havepurchased quite a bit of stuff on it and I don’t wantro lose any of it. I am gonna try to wait a while and see if they fix this problem.

    1. michele14 April, 2014

      This is my second kindle the 1st had a crack in screen,NOW I CAN NOT OPEN KINDLE I have very important info on there as well as photos of my family which are now passed. Trusted Amazon and shocked they have a product that can not be fixed. I think we should get a refund or replacement. I am sure after all my experience with this.

  5. pat thorpe20 October, 2014

    I also had problems with my kindle fire, but was able to use last 4 # of my ss no. , that was after I deregistered . Now when I try to reregister and they ask for my wifi password to connect to network, I don’t have one to use. where is the password for wifi?

  6. helen29 December, 2014

    Bought mother dearest a kindle for Christmas. Locked out on Christmas day and struggling to find a reset in the limited options. I click on the ‘tap here to change settings’ and it asks for a pass code. One that was never set. I’m getting very angry. Is there a support number?

    1. Nate Hoffelder29 December, 2014

      The best way to reach Amazon os to go through the website and ask for a callback.

  7. Robert Argo4 December, 2015

    Got to enter my password each time….don’t like it. Anyway to by-pass the password entry?

    1. Nate Hoffelder4 December, 2015

      Well, if you know your password then you can go into settings and turn the nag screen off. I’m not sure where the menu is (it varies between Fire tablet models). Check under security, or parental controls.

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