New Save For Later Tool Launched – ReadLists

A new read-later site is getting a lot of attention today, and it's worth a look. But it's also one of many competing tools, so I'm going to drop a few names as a way of introducing alternatives.

New Save For Later Tool Launched - ReadLists ebook tools

ReadLists is a new aggregation tool that is built on top of Readability. It needs a Readability account (to make use of all the features), but that's both optional and free so it shouldn't be a problem.

Like Instapaper and Pocket (was Read It Later), Readlists lets you save links  to content you want to read at a later date.

Like Instapaper, DotEpub, and GrabMyBooks, this tool will also let you convert the content to Kindle or Epub files.  (Those latter 2 tools are bookmarklets which do immediate conversions of whatever you're looking at.) It even lets you strip out the extraneous ads and formatting.

But one thing that sets Readlist apart is that it can pull together multiple sources into one Epub. This can be useful if you're building a briefing doc of some kind.

You can also easily share the ebooks you've made, and that could be one of its breakout features. That sharing ability might turn Readlists into a new type of blogging tool, or at the very least a new way to share content.


As for me, I probably won't use ReadLists.  In fact, I don't use any of the tools mentioned above.

My current method for saving content for later is to tweet a link. This give me both a readily accessible link as well as allowing me to share it. Now, I don't save but a fraction of what I read, and if I did save everything then tweeting the links would clutter up my timeline. But right now it works for me.

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5 Comments on New Save For Later Tool Launched – ReadLists

  1. Good luck trying to find that link more than a month or even a year later.

    I routinely dotEpub long pieces and probably have several thousand in my TBR pile now. But they all contain the original URL too, so I don’t have to rely on Twitter or, in fact, anything but the folder they reside in.

  2. I go through a number of URLs in the morning and save stuff that may be interesting in Pocket. I can then read a few every time I have 5 mins to read. Things I want to keep on archive, I can tag. Apps like Pocket are must-have apps.

    ReadLists is only for iOS so I will give it a miss.

    • Readlists is platform independent it parses the articles with readability’s content engine or whatever it’s called and allows you to download the articles as an epub or send to your Kindle if you happen to have one

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