The Inevitable Future of Copyright Enforcement

Decades from now, once we’ve learned how to scan and upload a human mind, it’s going to be possible to be revived after a physical death and live on as a computer simulation of yourself. But have you considered what that really means, considering the current behavior of the major media companies?

From time to time I like to post satirical takes on piracy, copyright, and related topics. This video by Tom Scott looks an what copyright enforcement might look like in the future.

As funny as this might be, there’s a problem with the joke.Your recorded memories of a copyrighted work are not the work itself. You created the memories yourself and thus you own the copyright. Of course, that’s not going to stop the media companies, but my point remains.


Nate Hoffelder

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  1. Paul26 May, 2012

    Amazing. Reminds me of Vanilla Sky:


    1. Ingo Lembcke2 June, 2012

      Watch the original, at least it’s not with Tom Cruise.
      Penelope Cruz is in both films.
      But as this is about reading, an older series by Frederick Pohl comes to mind: Heechee (6 Books as of now, beginning with Gateway) .
      Or Noir:

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