Google Nexus Tablet Outed by Benchmark test

Google Nexus Tablet Outed by Benchmark test e-Reading Hardware We all pretty much knew Google was working on a 7" Android tablet but ti wasn't until today that there was firm information on the specs.

Android Police has turned up a CPU benchmark test posted to the Rightware website. A tablet which is identified as  Asus Google Nexus 7 was tested in the p[ast few days. According to the data picked up by the benchmarking app, Google's new tablet is going to be called the Nexus 7. It is indeed made by Asus.

It's running a not yet released version of Android, 4.1 Jelly Bean, on a 1.3GHz quad-core NVidia Tegra 3 CPU. There's no clear indication of screen size, but given the name it is almost certainly a 7" tablet with a resolution of 768x1280.

But you don't have to rely completely on that benchmark test. Android Police also went digging through their server logs and turned up evidence that they'd been visited by this tablet.

There's no info yet on the camera, Bluetooth, or connectivity, but the CPU raises some interesting questions. Past rumors have said that this tablet would cost $150. If the rest of the components match the price tag of the CPU then I don't see how that would be possible. This is like going to be a premium tablet; that we can tell from the CPU. My guess is that the Nexus 7 will likely cost $250 to $300. It could be more, but at that price it will be a killer tablet.

This tablet is also being tipped to launch in July at Google IO. Right now I'm hoping it won't because I went against the Digitimes following flock of sheep that is the tech blogosphere and predicted that it wouldn't. But it looks like I'm going to be wrong.

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  1. This falls into the “I’ll believe it when I see it” category. There’s been talk about multi-core tablets with high definition displays since the beginning of the year. The only problem is that besides the $249 Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, the only units that have seen the light of day are the low-rent, single core Big Lots models or last generation refurbs on Ebay.

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  3. The Nvidia Kai reference tablet was in the news last week. This is a $199 device powered by a Tegra 3. I agree that $150 is unlikely for the Nexus 7, but $200 might be attainable.

    • True, but we don’t really know what the specs are for the Kai. It looks like that design lacks a second camera and the LED flash for the rear camera. It’s probably be missing more stuff, too. Also, the one tablet that we know is based on the Kai design, the Asus Memo 370, is now going to cost $250 and it doesn’t have a second camera either.

  4. Asus was going to give this a low price to begin with. Google has probably ordered a run of jillions, getting the manufacturing/parts discount up front. And they are bound to throw in a bit of a bet on what they expect people to buy from G Play with it, so maybe a built-in $20 subsidy too.

    Nexus 7? Stupid name. Should be called the Google Play tablet.

  5. 7 inch is just too small for my liking.

    For eReaders maybe, but we’re in the tablet world now and I want something bigger for tableting.

    8-9 is more my style.

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