The Trend of E-Reading (Infographic)

The Trend of E-Reading (Infographic) Infographic I found this laughable infographic this evening and after I got a snicker out of it I decided that it is worth sharing. While I would normally discuss this detail or that detail and remark on what it means, with this graphic I just want to point out someone's mistake; it's a reason why you should never take these things seriously.

Scroll down to the part on best selling ereaders. Note that this section includes the Kindle Fire, Nook Color, Sony Reader Wifi, and 2 devices which have long since been discontinued: the Pandigital Novel and the Velocity Micro Cruz Reader.

These last 2 were launched in 2010 and formally retired in early 2011. And yet they somehow outsold the K4, Nook Touch, the older K3, and the Nook Tablet (they're not listed). Now do you see why I snickered at this infographic?

The Trend of E-Reading (Infographic) Infographic


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  1. A bigger mistake is the pie chart with 28% female and 29% male…

  2. You’re reading the sales chart wrong. The bars grow down, for whatever reason. The biggest sales are for the Kindle Fire, as expected, at 3,438. The smallest sales are Pandigital and velocity at 61 and 27.

  3. They also have the “$” on the wrong section in the % ebook buyer pie chart.

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