Not All Budget Android Tablets Have 7″ Screens

Not All Budget Android Tablets Have 7" Screens e-Reading Hardware A couple days ago my competition had the good idea to take a look at 10" budget tablets. These tablets don't get nearly as much attention as their 7" brethren, and for the most part they are just as good. It really makes no sense for bloggers to not even notice their passing.

I've posted reviews of quite a few 7" budget tablets but no 10" tablets for one simple reason. With the smaller screen I can get away with not covering the media abilities in the depth they deserve. The smaller screen makes video less important than basic gaming, ebooks, and web browsing.

At least, that's what I think. Also, given that this is an ereader focused blog I instinctively stuck with 7" screens because they were close in size to an ereader.

But later this summer I plan to change that. I did some googling today and I've turned up five 10"(ish) Android tablets that I am planning to review. Most run Android 4.0 and they all cost less than $200.

They're not the only 10" budget tablets on the market, but I have decided to pass on the rest because they cost too much or they run an older version of Android. Some of the rejected tablets ran Android 2.2, 2.1, or earlier, and  I don't think that those were worth buying because the OS is outdated.

That's just a personal preference, but I've seen enough Android tablets to know that the latest versions of the OS are so much pleasant to use that it's not funny. That's  why my minimum requirement is Android 2.3. It's only a couple generations out of date and there's a clear difference between it and Android 2.2.

So here are the tablets I'm looking at:

Update: The reason there's a bunch of Coby tablets on this list is that one of their marketing people follows my blog. He sent me a bunch of links for Coby tablets in this price range.

And here's a couple cheap 8" tablets from Coby which I'm throwing in just to see what happens.

Am I going to buy all these? Probably not. But they are on my to do list. If you would like to see a review of a particular model, please ask in the comments.


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  1. Jon Jermey2 June, 2012

    I have a Zenithink from eBay that I’m very happy with. But the hardware is all so similar it’s hard to imagine you’ll find much to review there.

  2. deanna3 June, 2012

    Consider taking a look at the SmartQ Q8 8″ Android 4.0 for $169.

    Although (tiring of awaiting Asus’ Memo 370t) I may have it already. If I recall correctly, you reviewed one of the SmartQ(s) way-back-when.

  3. Thomas3 June, 2012

    I never really considered buying a 10″ tablet because I already have an old netbook with a 10″ screen. It’s really not much bulkier and is a much more capable device.

    I did eventually buy a 7″ Polaroid tablet for something more portable. It is a surprisingly good media player. It’s play just about anything, and gets about 10 hours of battery life when playing video.

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