Yitoa Unveils a Flexible eReader in China (video)

Yitoa Unveils a Flexible eReader in China (video) e-Reading Hardware

Charbax is still on his trip to China and today he succeeded in uncovering a new ereader based on LG Display's flexible 6" E-ink screen.

Yitoa is a Chinese OEM, and it looks like they are showing off as clone of the flexible ereader I held in my hands yesterday. The ereader that Charbax found in their booth bears more than a faint resemblance to the Wexler FlexOne (including the Wexler label on the back). Of course, there's a good reason for that; Yitoa is the manufacturing partner for Wexler.

As you watch the video, note that the listed specs has the wrong resolution; this device uses the plastic backed screen developed by LG Display; the correct resolution is 1024x768.

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  1. Name (required) // 8 June, 2012 at 3:10 am // Reply

    At 3:30 when he turns the device you can see wexler brand.

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