How to Add Android Market to Polaroid PMID702C

How to Add Android Market to Polaroid PMID702C e-Reading Hardware Tips and Tricks There are many many budget tablets on the market,  all with about the same specs and performance. Given that there's not much to distinguish them (other than appearance), about the only way to choose among them is whether you can install Android Market and how well a tablet can run the apps you need.

This particular  tablet just arrived on the market this week, and as part of my plan to install Android Market on all my tablet I immediately tried my usual easy to follow instructions for installing Android Market. They worked.

Note that this isn't  a set of instructions on how to hack the tablet; I'm only interested in achieving a certain minimum level of ability with the least work required.

How to Add Android Market to Polaroid PMID702C e-Reading Hardware Tips and Tricks Like the numerous other tablets I have hacked, installing Android Market was a straightforward process. All I did was repeat the steps listed in this post. It didn't go quite the same way but the process achieved the goal.

  1. Download this ZIP file to your computer.
  2. Open the Zip file to your computer and copy the contents to a folder on your Polaroid tablet via a USB cable. Then unplug your tablet.
  3. Once you've done that, open the file manager on your tablet and go to the folder where you put the files. Try to install the following apps in this order (double click on the files in order to run them):
  • OneTimeInitializer-signed.apk
  • SetupWizard.apk
  • vending-3.1.3-signed.apk

As a 4th step you might want to press the home button, select the checkmark which says "open always with", and then select Launcher. This will guarantee that whenever you press the home button you will see the home screen and not be prompted with a menu.

Update: Does your tablet run Android 4.0 or above? Are you feeling lucky? Then you might want to try to install the file labeled "JB Play Store". This is a later version of the Play Store.  It only runs on Android 4.0 and above, and it doesn't always work, but if you can successfully install it you will have a complete version of Google Play.

I have Aldiko and the Google Apps installed and they work fine. Note that I don't have the Google videos working on the tablet and I have no way to test it due to the simple fact that I don't buy my videos via Google Play.

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54 Comments on How to Add Android Market to Polaroid PMID702C

  1. I have a polaroid PTAB8000 and i downloaded the files and got everything installed now when i open the play store it says “unfortunately android system has stopped” what do i do?

  2. Thanks! New user and super easy.
    Worked on my Utab71 and wife’s Visualland Connect
    Note on the visualland we had to select Vlauncher not launcher to get her home page button back to default

  3. Help!!!!! My tablet won’t even read my sd card so I can’t do anything because it won’t allow me to even download the app store…. HELP!!!!!

    • Either the card is corrupted or the card slot is broken. Did you check the card on another device?

      Try rebooting the tablet and reinserting the card (while the tablet is asleep, not awake).

      If that doesn’t help then the card slot is broken.

  4. Installed beautifully, but I seem to be getting held up when I click into the Market app. It asks if I’d like to add an account on this device. Whether I click yes or no, the app crashes back to the prior screen. Suggestions?

    I’m running a Nextbook Next8P12 on ICS 4.0.4

    • And I’m an idiot. You need to add a GMAIL account to the device prior to that. My bad.

    • I’m able to install Google Play or Android Market from the files. Both crash immediately UNLESS I install the Google Service Framework APK that came in the zip. If I do that, then I get as far as the Google Sign-in process, at which point I get one of two messages:

      From Android Market: “Android Service has Stopped”

      From Google Play: “Cannot establish reliable connection to server”

      Insight? Thoughts?

  5. I have the UTAB71 and I cannot move my apps to my 8gb ext SD card only to the “2nd internal storage” which it is recognizing as an SD card. can anyone help?

  6. Hi Nate, I just got Polaroid 10.1 model PMID1000B, 4.0.4. I follow the steps, and I got google play, but it doesn’t work good, when I click in a game it says UNFORTUNATELY, MARKET HAS STOPPED.Do you know anything about it?.The same with amazon app, please help ..thanks

    • Another commenter has gotten the same result. I don’t think this hack works on that tablet.

      • Hi Nate, It looks like I am getting the same results: “Unfortunately Market has stopped”. I have a PTAB8000. Has anyone else had success getting this to work? I also installed the googleservices.apk to allow me to enter account settings. It accepts me email and password, I get the finish button and then get the message. Have tried restarting, uninstalling and reinstalling files to no avail. Any thoughts to what I may be doing wrong? Does it matter which order I install the googleservices.apk? Thanks in advance for any help!

  7. Hello Nate, I bought the PMID702C for my son’s birthday and I tried and tried to do this the way you instructed but that error message of Market has stopped keeps popping up. I did a factory data reset and I still get the same message when I try to install it again.

  8. Hello friends, model works for PMID70C?

  9. I tried this on an Emerson EM543 and it works fine for free apps but if I try to get a paid app it crashes. Any ideas?

  10. Has anyone got the fix for the Polaroid PTAB8000? Wanting to get this fixed for a Christmas present thought I better start now so I have time to work out any kinks. Any help would be appreciated.

  11. i installed these apps and now i get a “market has stopped” message. now what?
    i can’t watch any of my tv shows or play music without google apparently. i have a polaroid

  12. the install worked great but get download error every time ematic genisis egl26bl

  13. IT WORKED! Finally! Found someone who knew what they were talking about! Thank you soooo much!

  14. I have no idea how to get the files off my computer to my tablet. I can download the files onto a USB, but my tablet only has a hole for a mini USB. My computer doesn’t have a hole for a mini USB. Make sense?

    • The tablet probably came with a cable that has a mini USB on one end and a regular USB on the other. I’d be surprised if you cannot find one in the box.

      You could also buy a cable at Radio Shack or some other electronics store.

      • Oh you are so right! I just found it. I downloaded the files o.k. onto my computer and I have both ends plugged in – one to the computer – and one to the tablet – but I can’t figure out how to copy them to the tablet now?

  15. Thanks Nate! Using the instructions in the original post worked for me installing Google Market on to an Audiosonic KM10C (from Kmart Au) to replace SlideMe that it came with. After removing SlideMe, previous attempts to install the Google Play Store had met with “Unfortunately, Google Play Store has stopped.” messages popping up on a regular basis. I was unable to install or update any packages this way. Thanks again!! Kim

  16. Thank you very much! I successfully installed googleplay on a new Proscan 1044 10.1 inch tablet from Biglots. It has much more promise with this access. You deserve a medal!

  17. I downloaded this onto a 703c I got from Shopko and have the android market stopped problem. I rebooted but nothing happens in regard to the app store. Is there something I’m missing?

  18. Works fine on PMID800. Although when installing games that require extra file downloads (ex. Yesterday) it fails to download extra files “because you may not have paid” and the message is cut off.
    Unrelated but, this tablet sees my 8gb sd card as a 2gb sd card. Took it back and exchanged for a new one. Same issue.

  19. I really need help getting aggravated I downloaded everything as stated and I get the message:

    cant establish a reliable connection to the server. this could be a temporary problem or your android device may not be provisioned for data services. if it continues call customer care. this is what i get when i try to login on the play screen. please help

  20. So far this seems like a great tablet. We’ve had it for a week, and only one problem so far.

    When I load videos onto a micro SDHC card, and insert it, the video player I installed (SuperPlayer) won’t recognize it. It only “sees” the videos on the tablet’s internal memory.

    But I know that the micro SDHC card works – because when I look using the File Explorer, all the videos are there, and I can access the contents, and play the videos that way. But this is awkward and frustrating for my young child.

    How can I get the regular apps to see the contents of the SD card? Do I have to create a directory with special name? Do I need to download an app to format this card in a certain way?
    Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

    If it matters, this is the video player that I am trying to use.

    • Huh, I fixed it. The problem was the software…SuperPlayer can’t seem to read the SD card. But other video players, like MoboPlayer and QQPlayer can, so I downloaded these onto the tablet, and played around with the settings, until I could get them to find the SD card. Then I had them re-scan/refresh, and each of these video players found all of the videos!
      It now works perfectly!

  21. I followed the post instruction and it works so far so good. Hoping this doesnt crash my computer and tablet. I planned to return the tablet but now I will keep it. Thanks for posting.

  22. FINALLY, a solution that actually works! I’ve even tried it on a junky little Trio 4.3″ MID (media player/mini tablet) and it works there, too!

    You’ve earned your pay for a lifetime!

  23. Mine keeps coming up with a pop up saying unfortunately, it has stopped. I followed the steps you provided and have tried it twice. Help me please!

  24. Wondering if this will work on the Polaroid PMID705X – just got two and am not eager to return them.

  25. Looking for mods to overclock and to change the looks, feel and speed. Can anyone help

    • I wouldn’t recommend trying to overclock a Polaroid. If this uses the same processor as my Pmid701, it can be theoretically overclocked to 1.5GHz , but will almost certainly be unstable at any speed over 1.0GHz. Tablets just don’t have any spare cooling capacity. Try running any demanding game, and see how warm your tablet gets without overclocking.

      If you decide to try it, I’ve heard that you can use an app called SetCPU. You may need to fully root your tablet first. As I understand it, the Polaroids are shipped partially rooted, enough to run most apps, but some things need more access.

  26. I have a Craig 10.1 inch tablet model 745 e. I have been so frustrated with no access to Android market. It comes with Getjar and Slide me market and I hated it. I used this process to add Android market and it worked! So far anyway. I’ve only added one app but seems to be working fine. Your detailed instructions were wonderful. Only thing different with running the files is that the first one, One time initializer, my tablet said that it was a duplicate file. so I ran the other two. all is good. Thank you so much!

  27. From what I’ve been reading, this method will not work on newer Polaroid tablets. The newer tablets like the 703C and 705X and 10C do not have rooted firmware, so to add the market requires using custom firmware.

    You can get Livesuite images of modified firmware for these tablets here:

    I haven’t tried this myself, I don’t have one of these models. Before trying this, I strongly recommend downloading the official firmware from Southern Telecom for a backup and reading the instructions for flashing firmware carefully.

    • I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss the usefulness of this trick.

      There are reports that this worked on those later models, including the 703c and 705. You can find those reports as comments on this post.

      • According to what I read on Freaktab, the early 703Cs had rooted firmware, so it may have worked initially, but now they’ve changed the firmware on the newer ones. If you do have one where this works, make sure not to update your firmware.

  28. I recently got a Polaroid 705 for $60 in hopes of using Google Play to download apps then side load to a nabi 2. Will this work for the 705? I’m not very techy so I need step by step instructions like this to do anything.

    • There are comments here from people who say that it does and does not work, so maybe.

      • Awesome it worked on the 705! Thanks so much. Now it’s $60 well spent!

        • mada please contact me and let me know what steps you took to make the 705 work!

        • Mada can you tell me what you did to make it work. I have received the “unfortunately shop closed prompt” numerous times. I have followed these steps numerous times with the new 705 that my husband picked up for Christmas.

          • Did you try a factory reset before each of the times you tried this hack? That will give you clean slate and iy won’t work without one.

          • Have a Ptab7xc model says polaroid tablet android ver 4.0.3 kernel ver 3.0.8+ build #PMID70x.vo1.86.00.20120817-ota. I have followed installed Google Market numerous times following instructions. I have rebooted, factory settings restored and still get unfortunately market has stopped working. I have the market icon but wont work. in upper right corner of apps page have a shop icon. Can u please help me?

          • I don’t think this process can work on your tablet. A number of commenters have posted negative results.

      • I have a polaroid pmid705x and this works for android mkt. for me but I’m still trying to get Amazon apps mkt. to work. syncing the right accts. make a difference

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