The Morning Coffee – 12 June 2012

The Morning Coffee - 12 June 2012 Morning Coffee Here are a few stories to read this morning.

  • A few random points on DRM (Baldur Bjarnason)
  • Technology - Alexis Madrigal - A Golden Age of Books? There Were Only 500 Real Bookstores in 1931 (The Atlantic)
  • Google Ends Legal Dispute With French Authors Over Scans (Bloomberg)
  • Independent bookstores embrace digital publishing with 'espresso' book machine (
  • The Malcolm Gladwell Book Generator
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  1. I like that. The book machine idea. It sort of democratizes publishing in a way – making the reader and customer the arbiter of what gets printed. Meanwhile on another front, you have electronic delivery doing the same thing.

    Who needs useless old publishing houses? That whole archaic publishing scheme is one of the reasons (among a few) I decided not to bother spending the last decade and a half after my English B.A. trying to write and get published. I wanted to write fiction and poetry. I ended up instead in computers and graphic design. ^_^

    • Also, I sense a whole new small business model here – besides the myriad small presses I’ve seen. Self-publishing help. Basically, marketing experts that help you get your publication in front of readers. So, instead of hiring an agent and trying to get a publisher, you publish yourself and hire (probably for a very reasonable percentage) a marketing and social media expert to get the word out.

      There’s a whole new industry in there somewhere.

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