The Plot Thickens – B&N Denies Connection to Today’s Microsoft Event

The Plot Thickens - B&N Denies Connection to Today's Microsoft Event e-Reading Hardware Microsoft is expected to have a major announcement later today. That event is due to start just over 7 hours from now and the press frenzy is approaching a  dull roar (Not nearly up to Apple status but far above usual press buzz).

Barnes & Noble added to the noise today with a denial of yesterday's rumor. According to the business news site Benzinga, B&N won't be involved with today's event:

Business Insider is also reporting the story, possibly from another source. Oh, well. It was fun while it lasted.

To be honest, the timing was too short. The 2 companies formed a partnership and announced Newco just over a month ago, and they were still fighting it out in court 6 months ago. Collaborating on a device that quickly can happen, yes, but it isn't likely that they'd have anything new to announce.

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4 Comments on The Plot Thickens – B&N Denies Connection to Today’s Microsoft Event

  1. The whole thing might have nothing to do with tablets; it might be the long-awaited XBOX TV service or even the NextBox. The timing is about right for both.

  2. Yes, there really is a Surface. But it is a Microsoft Surface.
    It’s actually a pretty cool tablet.
    Superthin, built-in stand, magnetic cover that doubles as a keyboard, gorilla glass, VaporMG case (whatever *that* is 😉 ).
    And yes, it’s going after the iPad.

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