Is This a Leaked iPad Mini Engineering Prop?

At this point I’m not sure anyone doubts the existence of the iPad Mini, and after seeing this next  leaked item I think even the doubting Thomas’s will be converted.

GottaBeMobile is in possession of what I’m really, really, really hoping are photos of an engineering mockup for the iPad Mini. They got them from a usually reliable in Apple’s supply chain, and while it’s not anything more than a chunk of orange plastic it does make my heart skip a beat.

There’s not much to it, and about the only details that I can make out are on the bottom edge, where we can see the speakers and the docking port.

Ten bucks says we won’t see this device until next year at the earliest. I know that some have rumored that it would launch this fall, but this chunk of plastic says otherwise.

The new iPhone is rumored to ship this fall, and if you’ve been following the iPhone 5 leaks then you probably know that there have been a dozen or more solid leaks showing parts, specs, and other details.  Exactly how many leaks have we seen for the iPad mini hardware? This is the first one I can recall. How about you?

If the new iPad Mini were going to launch at the same time as the iPhone 5, wouldn’t we be seeing a lot of leaked hardware bits?


Nate Hoffelder

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  1. digital reader fan10 July, 2012

    Has there ever been a plastic mold photo leaked on any other apple product in the past?

    1. Nate Hoffelder10 July, 2012


      1. digital reader fan10 July, 2012

        Well that puts me in the next year release camp with you then. Although rapid prototyping is a lot more common now than in the past. In any event, It’s been fun following along the iPad mini leaks/rumors.


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