Nook For Web: The Gotcha!

Editor’s Note: This problem has not affected all users. I haven’t seen it, but there is a confirming report on Twitter.

I was trying Barnes & Noble’s new Nook for Web.

It’s a very nice Cloud-based reading feature.

But I happened to switch to other tabs while I had one of the free sample books open and discovered the Gotcha:

Click = big

I wasn’t logged in and this was a free sample book, so I really shouldn’t complain.

But it does make me wonder if this sort of timeout will happen when people are logged in with one of their own books.


  1. George17 July, 2012

    Wonder no more, Mike, because this just happened with me when I tried it with one of my books. One opened fine, but a different one kept getting the “you’re logged out” message.

  2. Tyler17 July, 2012

    I tried it briefly and it seems to work for me. What browsers do you guys use? I am on Firefox.

  3. Robert Nagle17 July, 2012

    By the way, I encountered the logout problem all the time on my ipad nook app last year.

    This became a problem because I could not reliably read ebooks bought for the Nook on my ipad when I was offline. I realize that this issue is separate, but I couldn’t believe that the app would require you to log in more than once….

  4. Timothy Wilhoit17 July, 2012

    Techcrunch has discovered that it does not work (yet) on iPhone or iPad.

    1. Nate Hoffelder17 July, 2012

      Well, yes. It said that in the press release.

      1. Tyler17 July, 2012

        Robert said in the app not the webpage.

        I have more issues with the Kobo app than the Barnes and Noble app. Sometimes books just hang in the Kobo app. I think it is trying to tie into their central server and it takes a long time to make the connection.

        1. Nate Hoffelder17 July, 2012

          I was replying to Timothy, not Robert. Did my comment get misplaced?


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