The Best Selling SF Books of All Time (Infographic)

The Best Selling SF Books of All Time (Infographic) Infographic I have a thing for infographics. They're fun to read as well as posts that pretty much write themselves. Unfortunately, many of them suck. A couple days ago I inadvertently posted a rather poorly written infographic, and today I have one which might even be worse.

The following infographic covers the best-selling SF books of all times, and it is full of hilarious errors. For example,  LoTR made the list, even though it's fantasy. What's more, Harry Potter didn't make the list.

But it gets better. Some of the books are said to have sold thousands of copies (not hundred of thousands).  And Isaac Asimov's Foundation series made the list twice, the first as a trilogy and the second as the complete series.


The Best Selling SF Books of All Time (Infographic) Infographic

The Best Selling SF Books of All Time (Infographic) Infographic

The Best Selling SF Books of All Time (Infographic) Infographic
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5 Comments on The Best Selling SF Books of All Time (Infographic)

  1. I would love to see an infographic of how these books are selling now as ebooks. the digital revolution has given a lot of older books new life. And for the record, I loathed THE STARS MY DESTINATION, possibly because I read it only a few years ago instead of decades ago. It might have been groundbreaking when it came out, but I consider it very dated, especially in its view of rape.

  2. 🙂 Over 1,500 copies of The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress. Heck I think I’ve bought more copies of it than that. This infographic is a perfect example of TANSTAAFL; it’s worth exactly what we paid for it. But thanks for posting. It was a fun read.

  3. I know the Foundation series/trilogy are some great books, but any reason they’re listed twice?

  4. I think my new goal in life is to own 10% of all copies of “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress”

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