Where to Find Free Online Games for the Kindle Touch

A couple days ago i posted about a new and easy hack for the Kindle Touch. As cool a trick as that was, there wasn't much point to using it barbecue it didn't add much in the way of features. That's why I'm pleased to bring you a new story today about aI was digging through MobileRead Forums yesterday when I came across a site that's being pitched as compatible with the Kindle Touch. It's called Brainbashers, and while most of the games won't work (the require plugins that the KT doesn't have), there are a few games that will work.

I'm still working my way through, but it looks like there is a fairly long list of games that work on the KT, including a bunch I've never heard of:
Where to Find Free Online Games for the Kindle Touch Kindle Tips and Tricks

  • Futoshiki
  • kakuro
  • hitori slithlerlink
  • nonogrid
  • slant
  • daily range
  • kakurasu
  • tents
  • netslide
  • network
  • skyscrapers (towers)
  • abc path
  • filomino
  • calcudoku
  • lightup

According to th poster over at MobileRead the word games and logic puzzles should also work.

I've tried one or 2 myself, but I found the lag on the  Kindle Touch's E-ink screen to be too much of a hindrance. And to be honest I'm not all that much of a gamer anyway. But depending on the types of games you like to play the site might be worth bookmarking:


via MobileRead

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  1. what are the other game websites that work on kindles?

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