eBooks and eReaders Survey (Infographic)

eBooks and eReaders Survey (Infographic) Infographic Unlike the past couple infographics I posted (which ranged from bad to hilariously terrible), the following infographic is based on a recent survey of consumers and includes info not posted elsewhere.

Computers continue to dominate as the most popular reading device, and nonfiction edged out fiction as the most book category.

eBooks and eReaders Survey (Infographic) Infographic

eBooks and eReaders Survey (Infographic) Infographic

eBooks and eReaders Survey (Infographic) Infographic
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  1. Je suis surpris par l’importance de la prévalence (55%) des ordinateurs par rapport aux tablettes et ereaders dans la consommation d’ebooks.

    Si on ajoute les pourcentages relatifs à “Novels” et “Crime and Thriller”, on atteint tout de même un chiffre de 80 %. Il est donc erroné, comme le dit l’article, que les ventes de “non fiction” dépassent désormais celles de la fiction.

    88 % de sondés ne veulent pas acheter un ebook au cours des 12 prochains mois: c’est une indication que le livre imprimé résiste encore, bien que selon certaines données, les livres numériques représentent déjà 25 % du chiffre d’affaires du secteur du livre aux Etats-Unis.

    84 % qui affirment vouloir continuer à lire des ebooks confirme bien des expériences: une fois qu’on a essayé, on ne revient pas en arrière, sauf pour des titres introuvables en numérique.

  2. I really wish they had correlated the percentages to numbers of books read. I want to know how many of that 68% that had never read an ebook had read more than 2 books in the last year. The survey data just says the participants were “Web active people in the Spectos Malagenten Panel.” That doesn’t tell me much about their reading habits.

  3. 54% of ebooks read were free. Interesting and perhaps a little worrisome.

  4. Thanks for publishing this survey! I agree with Karine about the fact that there is no distinction about people reading habits within the 68% of people who never read a ebook. As a reader I do read short non-fiction on my computer and fiction only on my ereader.

  5. Fast forward to 2017 – I think it would be interesting to do the same survey now and see the results. I believe that smartphones and tablets will have the lion’s share now in terms of reading devices and the reasons for reading eBooks will be much different.

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