Klip.Me Renders Most Kindle Blog Subscriptions Unnecessary

Yesterday Amazon released a Send to Kindle Chrome plugin, and while I was looking into the background I remembered an existing plugin that did the same job but hasn’t gotten nearly the same level of press attention.

That plugin is also called Send to Kindle, and it was made by Klip.me. This is such a quiet little company that even I had forgotten that I’d covered it before.

They make some pretty useful tools, including a Send to Kindle bookmarklet which works on most web browsers, their own Android reading app, and even an automated service which will email the contents of your Google Reader account to a specified Kindle email address.

The Google Reader service is the one I’m having fun playing with today. Compared to the amount info I handle in a given day it’s awfully limited (50 articles, once a day), and it doesn’t support pictures. But it does raise some interesting possibilities.

It’s no good for masses of information, but I’m trying to find a way to use it to send a collection of selected articles to my Kindle. There’s always stuff that I’d like to sit back and read in the evening, and if I can find a way to select the content from inside Google Reader it will make the process a lot easier.

Klip.me’s service will let you select a folder, but it doesn’t yet support the more subtle aspects like starred items. That means I cannot simply select the stories I want to send. Of course, i could just use the bookmarklet, but I’d rather send all the articles as a single clump, not as a bunch of files. It’s less messy to clean up after.

Right now I do my nightly reading in Google Reader on a tablet, but I’d really like to switch to an E-ink screen. I might not care about having an LCD screen shining in my face during the day, but when going to bed it’s a different matter. There’s clear evidence that LCD screens can negatively affect your sleep pattern; that is in fact why I still have a stack of paperbacks next to my bed.

While it doesn’t do quite what I want, klip.me still offers a useful service. If you liked you could set up a folder in Google Reader with all the blogs you regularly read with your morning coffee (this one, for example). Klip.me would then send any new additions to that folder every day, at the same time.

Okay, Amazon already does that for you, but I’ve seen the layout used by the Kindle Blog service. I think it doesn’t look good. Plus Amazon won’t send content to the Kindle apps, just the ereaders, and you also cannot pick the time the blog is sent. But most importantly the resulting product needs work. This blog is available in the Kindle Store. I’ve never promoted that aspect because I really truly don’t like how it looks on the Kindle.

Klip.me offers better formatting than Amazon’s service, but then so does just about everyone. It’s worth checking out.


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