New Leak Reveals the Next Amazon Kindle

New Leak Reveals the Next Amazon Kindle Uncategorized I might not yet be convinced that the Kindle Fire  image from earlier today is the real deal, but I'm finding it a lot harder to deny the set of leaked Kindle images which showed up about an hour ago.

The Verge has gotten a second set of leaked images today, this time showing a new Kindle Touch. As you can see from the gallery below, this ereader loses the button on the existing model and appears to replace it with a button which spells out Kindle.

According to the label in one of the renders this is the paperwhite Kindle. I can't see much about this device, but if the screenshot in one of the product renders is correct I don't think this model has sound. You can see the bottom edge in one of the product renders, and while it's awfully fuzzy there doesn't appear to be a spot for the headphone jack.  That's a couple of rather curious details because the Kindle which cleared the FCC a couple weeks back was tested with headphones. And in another image one of the listed features is an integrated light, so if this is real then it could be the front-lit Kindle we've been waiting for.

In any case, I'm looking forward to seeing this device (or not, as the case may be) next week at Amazon's launch event.

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13 Comments on New Leak Reveals the Next Amazon Kindle

  1. The weird thing is that it’s all in french.

    And it seems there’s no buttons for page turning…

  2. I’m so excited!! Looks like better UI, lighting, better screen, better resolution, better design… and the only thing that is missing is a capacitive touch screen. Wow finally they update their UI!!!!! If this is real I will be preordering as soon as possible.

  3. I love my Kindle non-touch mostly because of the page-turning buttons and its minimal weight. But I have been craving for a lit screen since I saw the new Nook. If Amazon would just give me a lit screen, page-turning buttons and a decent UI meant for touch I’d get this in a second. But who am I cheating? I will get it all the same. I will sorely miss the page turning buttons though…

    • I’m in the same post : wanting buttons, but knowing the real question is “will I buy it ASAP, or just wait a few days/weeks to be sure it works well ?”

  4. The higher contrast could be achieved by the light, right? It advertises the battery time with the light on. Maybe HD screen + light.

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