Calibre 0.9 Released – New Interface, Portable Install, and More

WCalibre 0.9 Released - New Interface, Portable Install, and More calibre e-Reading Software hen I posted on 5 cool calibre tricks yesterday apparently I missed an important bit of news. A few days ago Kovid Goyal, the developer behind calibre, released a major update for the app.

The world's best ebook library app got a lot more useful on Friday.

Library Management

Calibre can now handle large libraries faster and better than before and it also got a fix for the inconsistent keyboard issue.  Not everyone has a keyboard with all the accents or diacritics (and some of us  don't know the key shortcuts to type them), so now the search function will return results which use a similar special character. For example, n will match both n and ñ when searching in English.  This won't work if the language is set to Spanish because it is assumed that you'd know how to type the special character, which I'm not sure is true.

You can also now set calibre to watch certain folders and import the ebooks it finds there. This feature could be very useful for importing recently downloaded ebooks you bought at B&N or Amazon. You can find this feature under the Preferences menu.

Calibre 0.9 Released - New Interface, Portable Install, and More calibre e-Reading Software Full Tablet Support

Yesterday I lauded the Content Server feature for calibre; today I learned that there is a better option (assuming you run Android and want to shell out $3). There's a new Calibre Companion app available in Google Play which is designed to interface with calibre over Wifi in exactly the same was as if it were  plugged in via USB.

Calibre also boasts full support for the wonky "MTP" USB protocol used by a lot of Android tablets, and that will make it easier to transfer over USB as well.

Calibre Portable

This newest version of calibre will now let you install it so it leaves no traces on the computer. This is going to be particularly useful for anyone who wants to carry their copy of calibre around on a thumb drive. They can now plug that thumb drive into any compatible computer and run calibre. When they're done they can shut it down, remove the drive, and take it away.

Enhanced eBook Viewer

Calibre 0.9 Released - New Interface, Portable Install, and More calibre e-Reading Software

As you can see in the screen shot above, calibre's ebook viewer can now show multiple columns, finally making it readable in full screen mode on the average laptop's screen. The viewer also now has a new true full screen mode that shows only the text without the toolbars, menus, etc.

The viewer can now display math equations in ebooks when written in either TeX or MathML (suck it, iBooks). And it  now supports themes, meaning you can custom define a theme for night reading, day, and more, and then switch between them.


That's a nice bunch of improvements, isn't it? Now you might see why I like the app so much.

You can download calibre here.


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  1. I bought the companion. If nothing else, I figured it was time to support their efforts little.

  2. Calibre is my favorite computer program. David is as generous as he is talented. I use it every day, and don’t know what I would do without it. I think I will invest in the app as well! You can also donate via paypal (there is a link on the Calibre toolbar).

  3. digital reader fan // 3 October, 2012 at 12:40 pm // Reply

    Anyone know how to view in Calibre or if there is a plugin for a virtual bookshelf like this

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