Google to Hold Press Event a Week from Monday

The above invite is showing up in some inboxes tonight. I haven’t gotten one, but according to those who have gotten it Google will be holding a press event in NYC a week from Monday.

The event is set to start at 10AM at Basketball City in New York City. I don’t see why Google would want to invite the press to a high end gymnasium, but I suppose there is a method to their madness. There’s a lot of speculation going around that it has to do with a new Nexus phone or the 32GB model of the Nexus 7, and while I’m on the pot I’d like to mention the rumored $99 Nexus tablet as well.

There’s also a chance that they might have cloned Michael Jordan, which would explain the location of the event.

But no matter what is announced, I plan to be there to cover it. Rather than just sit back and watch Google events from afar I plan to cover them in person from now on. That is, assuming I can get an invite.

Nate Hoffelder

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  1. fjtorres17 October, 2012

    Nexus 10 announcement.

  2. digital reader fan17 October, 2012

    Sure hope so.

  3. Tim Gray18 October, 2012

    Wonder if that voice icon is significant.

    Sounds a bit like some new or expanded content store.

  4. Mike Cane18 October, 2012

    Hm, voice icon? Google Siri? I wonder what they will call it?

    And now I recall that the Nexus tablet can do voice dictation while *not* online. Man, I hope the iPad Mini has that feature.

  5. john18 October, 2012

    gee, All Things D recently recited that the battle of the decade/century was apple v. android, yet those two are now scheduling showcases right on top of the Windows 8 release(s). no relevance there……


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