The Morning Coffee – 22 October 2012

The Morning Coffee - 22 October 2012 Morning Coffee Here are a few stories to read this morning.

  • Amazon's Next Big Business Is Selling You (
  • Content Reporting of Poorly Formatted E-Books: Some welcome first steps from Amazon (TeleRead)
  • The Convoluted Path to a Whispercast School Library (American Libraries Magazine)
  • David Mitchell on the Film Adaptation of Cloud Atlas (Word Craft -
  • Et Tu, Amazon? (The Kill Zone)
  • No More Promoting (Feral Intensity)
  • Rovio Recognizes That Massive, Massive Volume At Cheap Prices Beats Low Sales At Inflated Prices (Techdirt)
  • Time Inc. Apps Broken Under iOS 6 (The Magaziner)
  • Time-Traveling Librarians from Outer Spa... from Texas (Boing Boing)

This morning finds me in San Francisco. As an engineer I must object to this city's design. Clearly someone should either one, remove the hills, or two, install escalators.

The Morning Coffee - 22 October 2012 Morning Coffee
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  1. Bad luck weather-wise unless you like rain, since this is the first we’ve actually had in several months. (I’m about 40 miles up the coast from the city, and very glad I didn’t have to learn how to drive or pass my license exam on SF’s hills…)

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