Sony Reader for iOS Now Available in iTunes

Sony Reader for iOS Now Available in iTunes e-Reading Software eBookstore Remember in late 2010 when Sony had plans to release Android and iOS apps for their ebookstore? Whele the Android app was actually released in 2010, the iOS app just hit iTunes - nearly 2 years late.

Hey, look! A Dancing Bear!

Normally at this point I would excuse my rude comments but in this case I will not. I think Sony deserves the scorn. They have taken over a year and a half to figure out something so basic as the fact that they have to remove the ebookstore from their iOS app.

Most every other ebookstore reached this conclusion in mid 2011, so there is no reason that it should have taken Sony so long to grasp the obvious.

But they did take a long time, so much so that I'm not sure why they even bothered. All today's news told me was that Sony is a ponderous dinosaur which cannot make a decision to save it's life.

Sony Reader for iOS Now Available in iTunes e-Reading Software eBookstore

Oh, and the app isn't all that impressive either. It's just a less useful version of the stock Bluefire iOS app with the Sony logo thrown on top.

At least with the unbranded app I can buy ebooks from other stores as well as easily download apps from free ebooksites.  With the Sony app I'm stuck with an ebookstore which I'm not sure will be around this time next year. Whoop-Te-frigging-do.


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  1. I like my Sony e readers but have only bought one book from them ever. The very first book I bought several years ago. I don’t register my devices with Adobe anymore so I can’t use their desktop app properly but it doesn’t really matter. It is nice that their e readers do not require registering them before use like the Nooks do.

    Also While is spelled wrong up above.

    “Wheil the Android app was actually released in 2010”

  2. Let’s see how long this one, the Nook reader and others take to show up for the Kindle Fire. Shouldn’t be long right? Especially with the lousy sales of iPads over the weekend.


  3. Apparently they are having issues. Got this e-mail this morning.

    Dear Reader,

    An update on Reader™ for iPhone®, iPad® & iPod touch®—

    We experienced problems earlier today with customers activating new devices. This may have affected your first experience with our new Reader App. These issues have now been resolved and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. If you’ve had issues activating Reader for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch, please try again.

    We hope you enjoy the new app!

    Reader Store Team

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