Flipboard to Pitch eBooks for the iBookstore

Flipboard to Pitch eBooks for the iBookstore eBookstore Flipboard has shown today that when a news site cannot generate enough income from adverts, one turns to affiliate fees to make up the difference.

As of this morning, the Flipboard app for iPad and iPhone has a new category: Books. Flipboard is going to use this category to pitch titles from the iBookstore. Luckily for us it appears that someone also had the foresight to exclude this category from the Android app; otherwise hilarity would have ensured.

This new category is going to have 25 subcategories, one for each of the sections of the iBookstore. It's not clear how Flipboard is curating the titles, but it looks like they are only grabbing the covers and whatever description was submitted by the publisher/author. My guess, after flipping through the comics section, is that Flipboard is simply pulling titles based on the best seller's list for each category.

Still, it does look very pretty, and this is bound to generate income for Flipboard, and that's always a good thing.

But as I look at this new category I can't help but wonder how Apple got the design of the iBookstore (and iTunes in general) so wrong. I'd much rather browse for content in Flipboard than in iBookstore itself because the layout is much more appealing in the Flipboard app. Considering that the entire purpose of the iBookstore is to tempt you into buying content, it should not be the less appealing option.

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2 Comments on Flipboard to Pitch eBooks for the iBookstore

  1. Why exclude the Books category from the Android app? Why not partner with Amazon or Google instead? After all, they pay affiliates, too, don’t they?

  2. iBooks is a good start, but I would do what Ravi suggest: add Kindle Store, or Kobo, or Nook, and let users choose which store they want to see in their news feed.

    Anyway, there is a way to get Kindle Store into Flipboard. It’s pretty easy, it’s just a matter of picking the RSS feed that you’re interested in, and adding it to Google Reader. Not so pretty, but works. More about it: http://bit.ly/WdwCX1

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