Family Christian Bookstores to Carry Kobo eReaders

There’s still no news on when or if Kobo is going to get the supply situation straightened out in the US, but in the meantime I have another retail chain to add to the list of places where you cannot buy Kobo’s new devices.

Publisher’s Weekly is reporting this morning that Family Christian Bookstores has been bought out by 3 Atlanta based investors. This chain of 280 stores in 36 states had previously gotten national attention earlier this year with the launch of the Edifi, their own branded ereader. This device was an underpowered and slightly outdated Android tablet, and it’s chief claim to fame to date is that it is going to be chucked out the window in short order.

In its place Family Christian Bookstores plans to sell the Kobo ereaders as well as the Kobo Arc. There’s no info yet on exactly when they’ll have the gadgetry in stock, but it seems likely that along with the Kobo hardware, FCB will also be selling Kobo ebooks.

That’s going to create a rather funny situation, I think. If FCB becomes an ebookstore partner like FNAC then they’ll be listing all of Kobo’s ebooks on their website. That includes books like the 50 Shades series as well as Yaoi Manga, erotica, and other titles which you would not expect to find in a Christian bookstore.

FCB currently has an ebookstore on their website as well as reading apps for Android and iOS, and they will likely be replaced during the switchover. They expect to have the new ereaders in time for the Christmas season.


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  1. oj82916 November, 2012

    I just got a sneak peek at the magic accounting and what the bookstore commission is on a Kobo book sale under the new regime.

    From the retail sale price, Kobo subtracts

    1) book cost
    2) a 15-cent per title DRM fee
    3) a transaction fee (which I assume means “card swipe” fee? and seems to be anywhere from 3.6 to 4.6% of the retail price, with 4.6% being assessed on a sub-$10 title bought on the web, vs. 3.6% on the other title, bought on the Glo device itself.)

    and then arrives at their stated “Margin”. Half this margin goes to the indie bookstore as commission.

    Expressed as a percentage of the retail price, my two purchases netted a commission for the store of 6.5% and 11.4% of retail price.

    Expressed as cold hard cash? $1.34


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