Livrada eBook Gift Cards Now Available on Their Website

Livrada eBook Gift Cards Now Available on Their Website eBookstore I've never been one to love the idea of ebook gift cards (they're not a good value), but today I found an adorable little gifting option which I'd like to share.

There are 2 companies working on bringing ebook gift cards to the NA market: Livrada and Enthrill. While they both sell ebooks on their respective websites, Livrada seems to have put some extra thought into their efforts. Rather than simply sell ebooks, this Calif.-based startup sells the actual cards which you might find in Fry's, Target, or one of their other retail partners.

I know it sounds a little odd to sell a physical card on a website rather than  digital content, but the cleverness of Livrada's decision lies not in selling the cards but in the wrapping options.

Livrada eBook Gift Cards Now Available on Their Website eBookstore In addition to just buying the card, you can also pay a little extra and get it wrapped in an envelope made from colored paper, recycled paper, a dictionary page, or a page from some random book. The options vary between the various ebooks, but all offer at least a couple different envelopes.

I suppose some might think this is an obvious idea, but I for one wouldn't have thought of it.  With that said, I love the idea. If I were planning to give these cards I would definitely try to get an eye-catching envelope. Half the fun of the gift card is in the presentation, and I think it would be a lot more fun to get one of these envelopes rather than just the bare card.


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