Tip: Don’t Rob a Gas Station to Buy a Kindle Fire

Tip: Don't Rob a Gas Station to Buy a Kindle Fire e-Reading Hardware I have Google Search Alerts set to look for articles on keywords likeKindle, ereader, and the like, so I regularly see crime reports where a Kindle or some other ereader is stolen. But this one made me giggle.

The AP is reporting that one delinquent 18-year-old has recently pleaded guilty for Felony Robbery. Apparently the convicted felon Cameron Christian Blake wanted to buy his mother a Kindle Fire, so after stealing $130 from a gas station, he spent $82 on a Kindle Fire and used the rest of the money to buy Marijuana.

This story caught my attention not just because of the drug aspect (the Kindle Fire is preferred by 4 out of 5 potheads) but because of the $82 Kindle Fire. I only wish I could find one that cheap.


image by robertnelson

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3 Comments on Tip: Don’t Rob a Gas Station to Buy a Kindle Fire

  1. Just a hunch but I’d guess it was probably stolen too

  2. what is worse is the AP writer referred to the Kinde fire as an e-reader, and the photo is of a Kindle Paperwhite

  3. Crime still doesn’t pay.

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