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Wii368[1]The first question asked of any hacked gadget, particularly ones being used for a radically different purpose than the maker intended, is “Can it play Doom?” I have a similar question that I ask about any new gadget I see: “Can I use it to read eBooks?”

That was my first question when I read the rumors in late 2011 that Nintendo intended to offer some kind of ebookstore on the WiiU gaming console. Those rumors turned out to be a lot of hot air when the WiiU launched in June 2012, but there was still some hope that Nintendo would offer an ebook app with the other downloadable apps (Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video) which would let you read on the overblown Gameboy which Nintendo calls a controller.

I cannot find any ebook apps for the WiiU (please correct me if I am wrong), but luckily I’ve turned up another option. A post on the OverDrive blog yesterday reminded me that you don’t actually need an “app” to read ebooks anymore; there are any number of ways to read ebooks in web browsers.

A lot of the reading platforms (both ebook and digital comics) have browser based reading apps. I don’t have a WiiU myself, so I can’t test the following possibilities. I’d really appreciate it if someone could try them and let me know which will work.

Most of the reading options I listed above are only listed as being able to be able to work on mainstream web browsers. In fact, the only which I know has even been tried on the WiiU is the option for library ebooks. OverDrive showing off OD Read right now at ALA 2013, and they brought a WiiU just for that purpose.

If you own one of these consoles, please let us know if any of these options works for you.


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  1. Mathew26 January, 2013

    I tried it with Kobo and Kindle instant readers and both of them said the browser was not supported.


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