Google Reader Has Gone Nuts

Google Reader Has Gone Nuts Google News Reader Techcrunch reported earlier this morning that the world's best feed reader for news junkies crashed last night and has not recovered:

Google Reader, the RSS feed-reading service Google has long since benignly abandoned, has gone completely mad, and Google has yet to acknowledge the problem even as it heads into its second day of unusability. Users are reporting inaccurate read and unread counts, the reappearance of thousands of old, unread items as new, and, in some cases, the return of feeds users had previously unsubscribed to.

I have not had any issues, even though I am a heavy user (over 1900 rss feeds) who has been using it for 4 years. But apparently there are dozens if not hundreds of complaints on twitter and on Google's own support forums.

Is anyone having issues?

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  1. Well, I did have some strange things happening on my google reader, some old items marked as unread, then I could scroll down and keep seeing all the items in bold as unread even thought they were.

    Seems to be ok now. I’d like to think they fixed whatever was wrong.

  2. Well, what a coincidence — I just read your blog post while looking for the newest ones amidst the few hundred postings on my Google Reader that had already been “marked as read” over the weekend! I’m beyond frustrated with it today, and had attributed it to a bad case of the Mondays (both mine and Google’s), so it makes me feel better to know that at least other people are having a crappy day with it.

  3. Didn’t know there was a problem until I read your blog post — in my Google Reader. Both my personal and work Reader accounts seem to be fine. So either they fixed the problem, or my accounts weren’t affected in the first place.

  4. Good to read – I was wondering why it was so bizarre this morning – every time I clicked ‘Mark all as read,’ it came up with different entries highlighted. By the time I got them all cleared, it still showed a number unread on the left.

  5. Everything’s working fine for me. I occasionally get a glitch when marking multiple items as read (they still show as bold), but I’ve had that happen for years, and it’s hit or miss. Marking everything as read a second time usually clears it up.

  6. Yeah, it’s been glitching for me ALL morning. No end in sight.

  7. Hah. I wondered what was going on! I signed on to read my feed on the web because of the mess it had made of my feeds on my Droid phone, and here was your post right in my feed reader. 🙂 So glad to know it’s not just me.

    Is there a better feed reader available that I can use across the web and on android devices? I use Reader because I too read lots of daily feeds, even though I don’t always “read” them all. 🙂

  8. I’m having a lot of issues with Google Reader for last six months, had to completely move to desktop applications, like Caffeinated. The biggest problem is inaccurate read count plus read articles which are not marked as read.

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