New Font Lets You Build a Map of the US Using Only Text

New Font Lets You Build a Map of the US Using Only Text e-Reading Software Here's something fun.

I'm sure you know that whenever a blog has to embed an image of a map, an image is created, saved, and then copied to a webpage so it can be displayed online. Flash and html5 are also sometimes used in order to provide interactivity, but for a static image it's generally drawn before being posted.

But now that might change.

I've just seen a new project by Ben Markowitz, a designer with Intridea. He's developed a new font called Stately, and it's going to enable web and ebook developers to build a map of the US using only the standard html and css that they used to create the rest of the webpage/ebook.

Not only can the maps be created on the fly, they can also be colored however the developer sees fit and can be sized to fit the space. How cool is that?

Admittedly I don't ever expect to use this font but I can still appreciate it on a technical level. If you'd like to learn more about this font or see a few demo maps, check out the project page on Github.


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  1. Wow. This is the neatest thing since pliers. *downloading now*

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