PokeTab6 6″ Android Tablet Coming to Japan, Will Cost $91

poketabu6_400x300[1] There is a growing trend among smartphones for larger screen sizes, including one upcoming Asus model with a 7″ screen. In fact, so many phablets are moving into the tablet space that it should probably come as no surprise that a tablet maker would conclude that the inverse was also a good move.

A Japanese tablet maker by the name of SilverWin has just unveiled their latest budget tablet, the Poketab6. It’s a rather disappointing device with a 6″ screen and specs comparable to 7″ budget tablets that were released at about this time past year.

The Pocketab6 runs Android 4.0 on a 1.2GHz single-core CPU. Screen resolution is a familiar and disappointing 800×480, and this tablet also has 512MB RAM, wifi, a VGA webcam, 4GB of Flash storage, a microSD card slot, speaker, and a microphone. This tablet weighs 238g, and measures 160mm by 95mm by 11mm.poketabu6_460x347[1]

Those are rather disappointing specs, IMO. Don’t get me wrong, I’d like to try a 6″ tablet if for no other reason than it is different from a 7″ tablet. But I am expecting the $100 tablets released over the next few months to have a higher resolution screen and a dual-core CPU, so this tablet falls far short of my expectations.

One of the Japanese bogs that covered this tablet described it as a first for the Japanese market. If that is true then I would recommend waiting for the second or third. The novelty of a 6″ screen is not worth the poor specs.

Retail is going to cost 8,780 yen (~ $92USD) and it appears to already be up for pre-order.


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  1. anonymous coward13 March, 2013

    This site[1] presumes ( based on model number and spec ) this product is just a rebranding of GADMEI’s E6[2].


    1. Nate Hoffelder13 March, 2013

      It probably is the same tablet. Thanks for the link!

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