New iWatch Concept Revealed – Just Not One From Apple

New iWatch Concept Revealed - Just Not One From Apple Apple Here is a non-Google Reader related story today.

MacUser magazine joined the frenzied gossip over the rumored iWatch, the wrist-born iPhone accessory that has the blogosphere drooling. We still don't know for sure that it exists, but that's not going to stop everyone from sharing their own vision of what the fictional iWatch will look like.

MacUser worked closely with designer Martin Hajek to come up with a very realistic design that probably looks nothing like the real thing:

New iWatch Concept Revealed - Just Not One From Apple Apple

But it is interesting, nonetheless.  As you can see in the photo, this concept draws inspiration from the iPad Mini and iPhone designs. Both have wide bezels on above and below the screen and narrow bezels to the left and right.

What do you think?

I find the design quite plausible, but I'm still not convinced Apple is even making an iWatch. With that in mind I don't really understand all the effort put into debating the finer points of an object that does not exist yet and might never exist at all.



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  1. Wasn’t the 6th generation of the iPod Nano—the little square one with multi-touch—wearable on a watch band? And didn’t Apple kill that design after a year?

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