Hitler Finds Out Google Reader is Shutting Down (video)

We just knew this was going to happen:

In what I would call a near perfect fit for how the average Google Reader feels, some clever soul has made a Downfall parody video to express our anger at the imminent shutdown of Google Reader.

Nate Hoffelder

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  1. Rob Siders14 March, 2013

    This is the *one* meme that never gets old for me…

  2. CJJ14 March, 2013

    That was great. Had wait till the end for Google + to be mentioned but you knew it was coming.

  3. Robert Nagle14 March, 2013

    Great replay of the meme. By the way, the movie “Downfall” (available for streaming on Netflix) is a great serious film — people should see it despite the INternet meme….

  4. Lawrence Dol14 March, 2013

    Sheer brilliance, right down to the timely mention of Stalin.

  5. Richard Herley15 March, 2013

    Thanks, gave me a laugh, and I really am drinking my morning coffee …

  6. carmen webster buxton16 March, 2013

    Someone did an excellent job matching this topic with the action! Thanks for posting.

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