Feedly Releases Updated Plug-In for Safari, Firefox, and Chrome

feedlyFeedly has announced a new update for their news reader service, and it’s a good one. While it doesn’t quite meet the needs of this Google Reader addict it does come close.

Feedly promised a couple weeks ago that they were going to make changes that would result in a less prettified and more functional layout and today they followed through. The new layout is still lacking the white background and black text that I want, but it’s now much easier to read. It’s more compact (less white space separating the list items), and there is now an override option for title view which changes all folders and feeds to that view, easily swapping out the prettified but less useful magazine and other views. It’s also much easier to tell the difference between the read and unread items.


There are a number of back end improvements including faster saving, an alphabetical sort option, memory optimization, and n/p (next/previous) keyboard shortcuts. And best of all the Firefox plug-in has been updated to use the latest codebase. Going forward the Feedly team plans to update the Safari, Chrome, and Firefox plug-ins at the same time.

According to Feedly, Firefox and Safari users will need to update the plug-in manually. You can find out more on the Feedly website.

It’s been just over 2 weeks since Google announced the end of Google Reader, and in the ensuing Readerpocalypse a number of different services including Digg, Zite, and NewsBlur all started working to pick up the soon to be abandoned Google Reader userbase.

But of all the 7 possible Google Reader replacements that I’ve been considering, I would say that Feedly is clearly ahead of the pack. In 2 short weeks they have gone public with Normandy, their independent replacement for the Google Reader API, and they have adapted their service to meet the needs of the hard core user.

Now if only they could push these updates out to their IOS and Android apps.  I know they are busy but it would really be nice if the Android app looked as clean as the webpage.

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