How to Make Feedly Look More Like Google Reader

How to Make Feedly Look More Like Google Reader News Reader Feedly is rapidly becoming my preferred replacement for the soon-to-expire Google Reader, so I was pleased today when I learned that there was a way to make Feedly look more like Google Reader than I had hoped.

The tip I am sharing in this post goes far beyond the GR-inspired changes that Feedly has made to their service. It won't result in a perfect match, but if you already use Feedly then I'm sure you can see how much it now looks like GR:

How to Make Feedly Look More Like Google Reader News Reader

This is a pretty simple tip and if you know how to install an app then you can do this. I'm going to have you install something called a userscript. This will change the behavior of your web browser.

The userscript is called Readly. I tested it with Firefox, and I am told it works with Chrome. I cannot say for sure f it works with other web browsers.

Here's what you need to do:

  1. The first thing you'll need to do is install GreaseMonkey. This is an addon for Firefox and Chrome that lets you run your own little bits of code.  You can find it with the other addons for your browser.
  2. Reboot your browser so GreaseMonkey can start running. You'll probably also need to enable GreaseMonkey so it knows to runs the script.
  3. Click here and download the script. It should install automatically.

Once you have GreaseMonkey and the script both running in your browser, refresh Feedly. Then set the theme to Modern Gray. You will be amazed at the difference.

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11 Comments on How to Make Feedly Look More Like Google Reader

  1. This is why I strongly dislike tech pundits. There is NO CONVENTIONALLY accepted replacement for Reader. It is far too early to judge. Just because Feedly was quick off the mark (perhaps they have a mole in Google) means diddly squat. Let’s not humble ourselves with potential claim chowder. Let’s keep an open mind at the best replacement(s) for Reader. Let’s be patient!

  2. What happened to your link for the Greasemonkey script? I found it by looking at your code anyhow. 🙂

  3. I bought Feeddler for my iPad, but I have an Android phone and Feeddler has no app for Android.

    I had tried Feedly a while back and didn’t like the magazine layout. Now that they’ve added this list view that doesn’t annoy me, AND they have both Android and iOS apps, they may have won me over.

  4. “Then set the theme to Modern Gray.”

    Exactly how do you do that? I saw a list of themes — and none of them were “Modern Gray.”

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