Introducing Apple Letters (video)

Apple has long had the practice of copying open standards and making a proprietary version (see Epub3/iBooks), and today they repeated this maneuver with the launch of Apple Letters. The apple-bet, as it is quickly becoming known, is just like the regularly alphabet except it includes improvements that only Apple can provide:

Nate Hoffelder

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  1. fjtorres1 April, 2013

    Google’s version is still in alpha-testing and is a lot more streamlined. They’re planning to add vowels when they get to bet-testing.
    The cupertino lawyers are already drafting their lawsuit.
    Shameless, totally shameless…

  2. Richard Adin1 April, 2013

    The sad thing is that under today’s Supreme Court, Apple probably could patent the alphabet. I can see letters being a revelation to Clarence Thomas and we know Antonin Scalia would be willing to give us a discourse on what the status of letters is under the Constitution as intended by the original writers. Certainly both could justify Apple’s patent under the Patent Clause and originalism — after all, it should be easy for Apple to demonstrate usefulness.


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