Kindle for Android Updated With Optional Carousel View

I don’t think Amazon likes me.

They’ve just rolled out a new update for the Kindle for Android app, and the one major change is the addition of the one single feature I don’t like from the Kindle Fire HD: the carousel.


Yes, Amazon has added the cursed carousel as a new optional view on the Kindle app. Luckily for me it is optional and doesn’t replace the existing grid and list views, otherwise I might need to claw my eyes out.

In addition to the new view option, the general design of the menus have changed. Press the icon next to the word kindle and a new navigation panel will pop out of the left side of the screen. That’s where you will find a search bar, in addition to the standard links (Books, Documents, Newsstand, On Device, etc).

Similar navigation panels are showing up more and more in the latest app updates. Earlier this week the WordPress for Android app was updated; it too has a menu popping out from the left.

unnamedHere’s the full version 4.0 changelog:

  • Redesigned library experience.
  • Carousel displays recent items on the Kindle app home screen.
  • Navigation panel organizes content for quick access to your Books, Documents, and Newsstand periodicals.
  • Browse all your items in the Cloud or just the content downloaded on your Android device.
  • Explore and download popular samples in the Kindle Store.

The reading view (at right) doesn’t appear to have been changed, and the app looks to have the same formatting options as before. The new carousel view can be found as the Home menu, so if you dislike it as much as me it will be easy to ignore.

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  1. Cookie25 April, 2013

    While I sort of like the effect with my app, I may not if was my main navigation system on my tablet, as with the Fire.

    What puzzles me is I lose the carousel view when I select “books” or “documents”. No bigee.

  2. carmen webster buxton26 April, 2013

    I totally don’t get the carousel view. I think they’re trying to out-glitz Apple.

    1. Nate Hoffelder26 April, 2013

      Apple had the idea first and they passed on it.

  3. jakewoodblues26 April, 2013

    I don’t mnd the carousel. What I do mind is that the Table of Contents doesn’t work. If I click on go to, it’ll take me to the ToC, but the links don’t work anymore.

    So, what’s the point of ToC if it doesn’t work (especially if you’re reading stories from an anthology and don’t wnant to read them all?)

    1. Jayne26 April, 2013

      I’m thinking that if the ToC links aren’t working, it’s a formatting error.

      You can report formatting issues to Amazon on the book page under feedback. It looks like Amazon has moved that way down on the page though so keep scrolling.

      1. Averill Buchanan30 April, 2013

        The ToC links and web links work fine in other Kindle apps (ipad, Kindle keyboard, Kindle previewer). And they worked fine on the Android app a few days ago. This is an app problem, not a formatting one.

  4. Karleen Mauldin28 April, 2013

    Recently “updated” the Kindle app — now I cannot get back to the main Kindle Library on my Android tablet! Any ideas? I can only get back to the same page I was reading when I left. Cannot get back to a menu at all. Will uninstalling & reinstalling cause me to ‘lose’ all my downloaded books? Thanks for your help. I couldn’t find much info. on any other website…

    1. Nate Hoffelder28 April, 2013

      Before you do anything, go into the settings->applications menu and stop the Kindle app. The next time you open it it will be launched fresh and should put you into the library menu.

      This might fix the problem and it is a much less painful option than deleting and re-installing the app.

  5. Jen27 June, 2013

    Sorry if I’m missing this in your posts (I did read them), but is there a way in the newest Android Kindle App to get rid of the carousel? I am already frustrated enough that my daughter’s phone shows every book I order on my phone unless I go in and delete it (or disable her ability to download books). But now the carousel has RECOMMENDED books that have nothing to do with anything either of us have ever ordered – bodice ripper “50 shades” knock offs with risque covers my 9 year old does not need to be seeing! 🙁 Any suggestions welcome. Thanks!

    1. Nate Hoffelder28 June, 2013

      I had to charge my tablet so I can check, but luckily the damned carousel is only shown on the home menu. If you switch to one of the other menu screens then you won’t have to see it.

      Press the 3 bar icon that is in the upper left corner. A menu will pop out of the left and you’ll be offered options of other menu screens.

  6. Bernard Grygar23 February, 2016

    I want the carousel back. Lost it when you uploaded a new view. How do I get it back?

    1. Nate Hoffelder23 February, 2016

      Are you referring to the Kindle Android app?

      The carousel should still be there. Try opening the left-hand menu, and switching between the home and library menus.

      I don’t have a Kindle Android app handy, so I can’t give you specifics, sorry.

  7. Kayleene Driggs14 August, 2016

    on a Kindle Hd Fire is there a way to change the carousel into a grid form? tired of scrolling all the way through it to find a particular book that I want

    1. Nate Hoffelder15 August, 2016

      No, sorry.


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