PBS MediaShift Joins the Journalistic Migration Into eBook Publishing

PBS MediaShift Joins the Journalistic Migration Into eBook Publishing Publishing I am expecting that one of the hot ebook trends of 2013 will be blogs and media sites getting into ebooks. Recently we've already seen The Atlantic, the Toronto Star, and other media sites publish ebooks, and now MediaShift has followed suit.

MediaShift, a digital initiative of PBS, released their first ebook a couple weeks ago. Your Guide to Cutting the Cord to Cable TV costs $3 and can be found in the Kindle Store and iBookstore. It is about 47 pages long, and it focuses on how and why people are giving up on their cable subscription.

A second book was published last week. How to Self-Publish Your Book is slightly longer and costs $4. It too can be found in the Kindle Store and iBookstore, and it will shortly be released in the Book Store as well.

PBS MediaShift is planning to publish 10 to 20 ebooks this year, and POD editions are also in the works. There are also reports that PBS might expand their ebook publishing efforts beyond MediaShift. According to Mark Glaser, the Executive Editor of MediaShift, future plans aren't yet set in stone. “This is a test for us and PBS,” he said, “so we will learn as we go and adjust prices, length, subject matter and more.”

MediaShift eBooks


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