Kindle Paperwhite Leak Suggests Imminent Launch in China

Kindle Paperwhite Leak Suggests Imminent Launch in China Amazon Rumors Rumors have been circulating for quite some time now that Amazon was about to launch the Kindle Paperwhite in China, and if this new photo is real then that launch is going to happen fairly soon.

Mike Cane has turned up a photo of what is reportedly an endcap in a Suning Tesco store.  There's been no announcement from Amazon (nor even any hint of a rumor), but this Chinese gadget retailer appears to be getting ready to act as Amazon's retail partner:

Kindle Paperwhite Leak Suggests Imminent Launch in China Amazon Rumors

I still can't say whether this is real. I don't have a higher resolution photo to share, so I can't check to see if it's a bad Photoshop job. But I tend to think this is either a really clever fake or the real thing.

Update: There is now a second report that says the KPW will be released on 7 June. This rumor also says that the Kindle Fire will also be released that day. Given that the Amazon Appstore is already operating in China this could well be true.

Amazon has been planning to launch the Kindle Paperwhite in China ever since the KPW launched in September 2013. This ereader shipped with support for Chinese as well as several Chinese dictionaries. Amazon has even filed for the Chinese equivalent of FCC approval.

In fact, the only thing that appears to be holding up the Chinese launch of the KPW is government paperwork. That is about the only explanation for why the KPW wasn't launched in China when Amazon opened the Chinese  Kindle Store in December 2013.

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