Once Again, Marketing is Not a Synonym for Discovery

5348706-magnetic-letters-spelling-out-the-word-discovery[1] I was reading a post over at DBW today when I noticed that someone was misusing the word discovery again:

Amazon wants to take readers on a trip around the world. No, it’s not a sweepstakes and it certainly isn’t literal. The leading U.S. ebook seller has launched a new ebook discovery tool, Around the World in 80 Books.

Around the World in 80 Books features a hand-picked selection of 80 new and classic titles, representative of every continent that will send readers on journeys across the world all summer.

Yeah, that’s not discovery.

When a site pitches books that they want to sell me, it’s called marketing. Just because Amazon wrapped it up in a fancy package doesn’t mean this is discovery. It’s still a sales pitch, no matter whether it’s coming from Amazon, Sony, or Nook.

P.S. This inspired me to go update my post on the definition of discovery with a new definition for retailers.

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