B&N Restores Nook PC, Mac Apps to Their Website

hero_pc_2[1]There’s been no official announcement from Barnes & Noble, but a few minutes ago a reader tipped me to a minor change on the B&N website. They’ve restored the link to the PC and Mac apps.

B&N had removed the links about a month ago. Last week they confirmed that the PC and Mac apps were no longer supported, and that they were now recommending that readers use the Nook for Web app.

hero_mac_3[1]It looks like B&N may have rethought abandoning support for the Nook for PC and Nook for Mac apps, though I’m not going to read too much into this. While the links may have been restored, the apps are still  woefully out of date.

The apps were last updated well over a year ago. According to the website, the Mac app still lacks support for OSX Mountain Lion, which is running on 28 million Macs (around a third of all Macs in use). There’s also no indication that the Mac app will be updated to support the recently announced OSX Mavericks, either.

I strongly doubt that either app will receive another update, so while the apps may be available to download they have effectively been discontinued.

Thanks, Tim!

Nate Hoffelder

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  1. JSWolf19 June, 2013

    You have to blame Apple for making Mountain Lion not compatible. It’s not B&N’s fault that Apple botched Mountin Lion so nook for OS X no longer runs.

    1. fjtorres19 June, 2013

      Botched may not be appropriate; given that Apple just brought iBooks to MacOS it might have been on purpose. 😉

  2. DavidW19 June, 2013

    JSWolf, you are not making sense. What does Apple have to do with BN software? How is the OS such a disaster that it is impossible to run an ereader program on it when I’m running Mountain Lion with Kindle, Kobo, ADE and Calibre all working flawlessly? Perhaps the more likely explanation is that BN doesn’t care if it runs on Mac or not. They barely care if it runs on PC. Nook is not out of the game yet, but they act like they are. I’ve never seen such apathy. They seem to not care about drawing in and retaining customers.

    1. JSWolf20 June, 2013

      It’s not just Mountain Lion and nook for OS X. It’s OS X in general. When there are upgrades to OS X, lots of programs no longer run. Apple doesn’t care about compatibility. If they did, then there would not be the need for so many programs to be upgraded when new versions of OS X get released.

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  4. pidgeon9219 June, 2013

    Funny, Mountain Lion works A-OK on my iMac. Other developers seem to be able to keep up with fixing software incompatibilities when there is a major system software upgrade.

    1. JSWolf20 June, 2013

      And Apple probably builds in these incompatibilities on purpose.

      1. Nate Hoffelder20 June, 2013

        On purpose? Nonsense.

        Apple might be indifferent but they are rarely intentionally difficult for the sake of being difficult.

        1. JSWolf20 June, 2013

          I have to disagree. iTunes shows how difficult Apple can be.

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