Japanese eBook Market Reaches New High in 2012 – $741 Million

Japanese eBook Market Reaches New High in 2012 -  $741 Million ebook sales A new report on the Japanese ebook market is due out next month and it looks like the market managed to grow in spite of what many see as widespread resistance.

According to the report the Japanese ebook market was worth 72.9 billion yen in 2012, an increase of 16% increase over the previous year. The 2011 Japanese ebook market was worth 62.9 billion yen, or about $639 million.

The following chart comes from the report, and it details the projected growth of the Japanese ebook market over the next several years. FYI: The chart is graphed in increments of 100 million yen, so the 629 on the far left is equal to 62.9 billion yen.

Japanese eBook Market Reaches New High in 2012 -  $741 Million ebook sales

The 2012 figure and related increase is particularly interesting given that for much of 2012 Amazon didn't have a local Kindle Store in Japan. The Japanese Kindle Store didn't launch until October 2012, and apparently that market was able to grow reasonably well in the absence of the menace from Seattle.

Should you be interested in buying the report, it will cost around 61 thousand yen when it is released on 18 July.


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  1. It seems the trend they’re really noting is that in the beginning, ebooks were mostly for cell phones ( feature phones), but after around 2010-11, there were “new platforms” such as smartphones, tablets, e-readers, etc., and then the amount they make up (the blue bar) is continuing to grow at the expense of the feature phone ebook market. (Yellow bar is the total e book market, all platforms and devices)

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